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15 Good Bachelor Party Ideas

Finding good bachelor party ideas can be tricky to find, especially with the costs involved.

Not only do you need to give the groom the best send off he deserves – there’ll be other additional costs, like accommodation, drinking, food, activities.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Below you’ll find a list of good bachelor party ideas that will keep everyone happy. Your wallet will also be grateful.

The bride-to-be will also be happy, as none of these ideas include strippers.

Key tips to consider when planning your bachelor party ideas

Who can organize a bachelor party, and who can attend?

Technically, planning rests on the shoulders of the best man. Otherwise, the groom’s brother or another good friend are backup options.

Who can attend depends on the groom.

This might include all the guys in the wedding party, or just male close friends and family – or just his friends.

Unless the groom has a best girl mate (that’s not his bride-to-be), stick to men.

When to throw your bachelor party

Preferably one to two weeks before the wedding.

That way, the party becomes separate and standalone; a special event just for the lads.

You’ll be saving the groom from any embarrassment he might face at the wedding if the party was the night before, e.g. turning up hung over, or with bruises from a more active party (like paintballing).

You also give guests the chance to schedule any time off they need to attend.

How long should these bachelor party ideas last

Yeah, okay, I say “weekend”, but length is up to you. You might opt for one night, a whole weekend, two to three days.

Two factors can help you decide:

  • How much available time off your groom’s friends have scheduled.
  • Ideally, you want everyone to attend the whole party, not have to leave partway through because of other commitments.
  • Budget. If you’re hiring accommodation or needing to travel someplace, the longer you’re away, the more costly it may be.
How to budget the costs


Once the accommodation and activities have been finalized, split the costs equally between everyone going, except for the groom.

The groom goes free.

Absolutely important organizing tip

Apart from having a say on who can come, keep the groom’s involvement in your plans to a bare minimum. He’ll be involved with the wedding; the party’s meant to be a fun break.

Your list of good bachelor party ideas

1. Go camping out of town with the lads. This idea can include beers and skinny dipping under the stars.

  • Consider renting a boat and camping out on a deserted island.
  • Make sure you have enough beer and food for the night(s) as well as a stove.

2. Take a road trip (or fly) to somewhere quirky or even downright crass – for example, Disneyland, a haunted house tour. Time your party with a major music festival, like Glastonbury.

3. Go white water rafting. Find out which rafting organizations specialize in pre-planned guided trips. Make sure everyone in your group can swim.

4. Go paintballing. Unleash all wedding stress with this idea. Without the groom knowing, play so that his team wins.

  • If your overall group lacks the numbers for two teams, play as one, with other paintballers as “your enemy".

5. Go all out with a massive activity blowout. Think “last chance super-memorable opportunity".

  • AKA skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping.
  • Camp out in a canyon. Go caving or rock climbing.
  • The cost may be high, but the memories will be worth the price.

6. Take in a local or national game – for example, a soccer or rugby match, a martial arts tournament, baseball, basketball. Sometimes, all you need is cheap tickets, good beer and cheering to make for a cool night.

7. Transform your backyard into the ultimate man-party.

  • Create an outdoor cinema, by hanging up an old sheet and hiring a movie projector.
  • Hire a rock band. Create a BBQ, with waiting staff.
  • Add a fancy dress theme “everyone come as the ultimate man".

8. Is your groom a secret nerd? Then create a nerd party especially for him.

That might include a movie marathon of superhero movies, going to an arcade for a round of games. Ask everyone to dress in comic character outfits.

9. Add speed to your party, by going go kart racing. Or watch the races (cars, horses or speedboats).

10. Create a casino night at home or do the rounds of the casinos in town. Set a cash limit for how much guests can spend.

Hire a limo to shuttle people around. Include an expensive dinner and a top-notch bar/club. You’re creating luxury stag weekend ideas here.

11. Why not rent out a house for the weekend, and then fill it with your groom’s favorite activities? This can be anything –

  • From gaming stations, to creating a mini home theater, to an obstacle course outside.
  • Depending on where the house is, you can also go on walks (to the beach, to the woods, or into the nearest town).

12. For the more serene of grooms, consider more relaxing stag weekend ideas. Book at a massage at a day spa. Attend a yoga class. This might weird out some of your guests, but it will be fun anyways.

13. Upgrade the limo from Idea No. 10, to a chauffeur-driven 4×4. Adding physical activities to this party, e.g. obstacle course, dirt biking, horse riding.

14. Throw your party at a comedy club, also inviting your groom to take the mic. Or coincide your party with a music gig – whether it’s music your groom likes or not (e.g. attending a Justin Bieber concert).

15. Enjoy any combination of the above, but with everyone dressed in drag in order to attend. Rent a house to serve as the base for your outfits/make up. Hire in a make-up artist and an outfit helper.

Image: greenishseal

All the Movie Theme Party Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Movie theme party ideas - crowd watching a film Add these movie theme party ideas to your entertaining – and you’ve got a homemade movie theater idea on your hands.

With Netflix, Lovefilm, instant movie releases a few short months after showing in theaters, having movies at our fingertips is a joy.

And watching them with your mates is even better!

With these movie theme party ideas, we’ll help you transform a night in front of the box into your very own fancy movie theater event. In only 7 simple steps.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – movie theme party ideas for your attendee list

Decide on how many people. The more people you invite, the more seating and larger viewing room you will need.

How many people also affects other factors – food, snacks, how many movies to show.

And how you choose the movies. Will you already decide what to show in advance? Or will it be a group vote? More than 10 people can make group voting harder, so watch out.

Step 2 – movie theme party ideas for your theme

Movie theme relates to the genre of movie you’re showing. You can use these as a cue for how you decorate.
Take a glance at these examples:

  • Movie theme party based on cities, e.g. London (Sliding Doors), Paris (Amelie)
  • Old black & whites, e.g. Buster Keaton
  • An animated movies night – and from different countries, too
  • Movies about overcoming the odds, e.g. Patch Adams, Field of Dreams
  • Romance movies
  • A kung-fu night
  • All the Star Trek movies. A Star Trek versus Star Wars night?
  • Movies by a specific director or actor
  • Movies based on books, plays or comics

How many movies you watch will depend on how many hours your party will run for. So choose wisely.

If you’ve got favorites you’re dying for everyone to see, make these the first 2-3 movies you watch (in case you run out of time).

Step 3 – movie theme party ideas for invitations

Once you’ve decided your movies and guest list, start inviting your friends. A way to invite people is by creating your own movie ticket.

Admit One Invitations — Do a web search for an ‘Admit One’ image. Once found, print and glue to white card, writing your party details on the flipside.

  • Then ask your local color copier shop to create copies of this double-sized invite. Ask guests to bring their invites on the night, to be “let in”.
Step 4 – movie theme party ideas for decorations

Decorating your movie party has endless potential.

You can create a movie theater and ask guests treat it as a night out at a real one.

(Or you can theme it, based on your movie theme – e.g. a Harry Potter night).

Treat your guests to a movie theater vibe, complete with box office and candy counter.

Comfortable watching — With your TV the star of the night, make sure people can see it, by arranging your seats in a horseshoe.

  • Unless your TV screen is gigantic, you may need to project your movie on a larger screen. Hanging up a white tablecloth is the cheap way to do this; using a plain white wall is another option.

Box office — Make this a separate room (like in the kitchen), where guests “purchase" their movie tickets, by exchanging their original ‘Admit One’ invite.

  • Hang a banner that says ‘box office’, made from construction paper and marker pen.

Cardboard usher — Hire a lifesized cardboard cutout of an usher to greet guests as they arrive. Add one or two cutouts of movie stars behind curtains or outside your toilet, for fun.

Create a candy counter — Set up a table for drinks, candy jars and savory snacks. Use small brown paper bags for guests to carry their snacks. Include a napkin in each bag.

Keep your movie room dark — Turn off all the room lights – but leave a string of fairy lights around the room exit.

Hang up posters of your favorite movies or stars along your walls.

Step 5 – movie theme party ideas for games

During intervals between movies, give everyone the opportunity to stretch their legs (and refill their drinks and food) with a few games.

Who Am I — Write out the names of movie stars and tape one onto the back of each guest. Guests now wander around the room, working out who they are by asking only Yes/no questions, like “Am I alive? Am I a singer?”

Movie Trivia Quiz — Make a quiz related to the type of movie you’ve chosen. If your movie was ‘Back to the Future’, the trivia could be: time travel movies, Michael J Fox movies or films from the 1980s.

Step 6 – movie theme party ideas for food

Here are a few food suggestions for a movie theme party:

  • Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips
  • Chicken wings, meatballs, quiche
  • Celery and carrot sticks also good for dips
  • Potato and vegetable salads
  • Microwaved popcorn, both sweet and salted
  • Homemade pizzas

For drinks, think soda and Slush Puppies. Serve these in clean plastic drinking bottles (with lids), to stop anything from spilling in the dark.

Step 7 – movie theme party ideas for favors
  • A gift voucher to purchase a DVD or discount to see a movie
  • Fresh popcorn (mix up salt with cheese with sweet, or in separate boxes)
  • A drawstring bag of candy and jelly beans
  • A CD compilation of movie theme songs – like the ‘Jaws’ opening music or “My Heart Will Go On” from the 1997 movie ‘Titanic’.
  • 3-D glasses

Image: Canadian Film Centre

40 Fun Icebreakers: Questions
 to Help Your Friends Have Fun

Fun icebreakers - a hello sign Thanks to these fun icebreakers, you can say hello to those moments…

…when you’re trying to get to know your friends better, but don’t know what to ask.

This is helpful, especially, if you’ve lost touch with people, are new to each other or are tired of asking the same ol’ stuff.

Check out these 3 short tips, for the best question-asking:

1 Best played as dinner conversation, with wine or chilling out

  • This way, it feels more natural.
  • Everyone will be in the mood and so will be more open.
  • Any other way of using will feel forced and off-putting.

2 Entertaining a few friends? Make it a group game

  • Print/write out the questions, cut into strips and shuffle in a bowl.
  • Everyone takes it in turn to throw a dice.
  • Highest number rolled takes a strip and asks everyone the question.

3 Entertaining only one or two friends?

  • Just slip your questions into conversation playfully. Alcohol can help.

Make sure you avoid making it feel like an interview.

Also, make sure everyone gets to take turns with the question-asking. More fun that way.

Fun icebreakers: focusing on things you enjoy doing

1. What was the best job you’ve ever had? And the worst?

2. What’s the best vacation you’ve EVER taken?

3. What’s the most recent movie/book that you’ve seen/read?

4. Tell us about your first kiss.

5. What’s your favorite town/city in the world? Why?

6. Share with us a fun experience you’ve had recently.

7. Sing a few lines of a song you love. (Don’t tell them the name; let them guess)

8. Tell us your earliest childhood memory.

9. What’s your favorite sport or physical activity?

10. What’s your favorite dish to cook for friends? For just you?

11. Describe the best museum/gig/play/game you’ve ever been to.

12. What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?

Fun icebreakers: focusing on your life philosophy

13. What’s your morning ritual like?

14. How do you like to spend a rainy day?

15. Describe your own outlook on life in six words.

16. Can you share one quote or saying you love, that keeps you going in life?

17. If you could invite four famous people to dinner, who would you choose and why?

18. If you could replay a fun (or deep or big) moment in your life, what would you choose?

19. What would be a perfect afternoon for you?

20. Describe one past action (big or small) you took to improve the quality of your life.

21. Which person in your life do you most admire? Why?

Fun icebreakers that press your buttons

22. If you were mayor for the day, what three things would you change about your city?

23. Describe the most terrifying situation you’ve ever been in.

24. If you could go back in time and change history, what would you change? Why?

25. What’s the most anti-establishment thing you’ve ever done?

26. What would you do in life if you knew you couldn’t fail?

27. If you saw someone getting mugged in the street, what would you do?

28. Describe one experience you’ve had where you took a huge leap of faith.

29. What was one new experience you tried that, at the time, was completely unknown or uncomfortable to you?

30. Describe a real-life situation where you stood up for someone/something.

Fun icebreakers that reveal something new about you

31. Who were two role models you looked up to as a kid?

32. The last outlandish/wild thing you did – tell us about it.

33. What’s the naughtiest present you’ve ever received?

34. What three things do you love about your friends? And three you could do without?

35. What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

36. What’s one favorite thing you do by yourself?

37. Share one bizarre encounter you’ve had in life (could be at work, personal, from travel, with friends).

38. Share one thing you didn’t understand about the world when you were a kid.

39. Describe an embarrassing moment you’ve had.

40. Share a personal fact no one would ever guess about you.

Image: Ray Larabie

Garden Party Ideas – 5 Top Tips to 
Make Your Garden Event Matter

Garden party ideas - spin a few cartwheels like this pair of girls Using these garden party ideas, your next backyard party or garden event will be the one everyone remembers.

These ideas make full use of your garden (or yard) – as though it were an extra room in the house.

You’ll give everyone the chance to tumble on it, cartwheel along it, snuggle on it.

Initially, you’ll invite everyone, with a packet of seeds as your invite. Add a few party words like “Come to our garden paradise on…" or “come plant these seeds together on…".

You might add a garden party theme, like Alice in Wonderland.

From there, you’ll transform your indoor room in such a way, as to blend it into the outside.

Bring your indoors out and outdoors in

Decorate quite heavily around the entrance to your garden, to give your garden party ideas the impression of plants invading.

Position indoor plants so their pots also stand outside. Display cut flowers inside.

Scent the rest of your room with rose blossom. Scatter a few rose petals and tree leaves on the floor.

  • Also hang paper lanterns and wind chimes over the doorframe
  • Use fairy lights and uplighters, placed in between your garden plants
Treat your garden like it’s another room

With the grass as your rug. Place your food tables outside.

Borrow books of famous gardens from the library and display.

Position your speakers outside, and send classical music booming from them.

Prepare food for a barbecue – in advance

This helps speed up the cooking process, if you’ve got a lot of people or just feeling stressed.

Make your own lemonade and fruit punches. Chill your beers, white wines and alcopops – and serve iced lemon tea.

Try these for your garden party menu:

  • Fish steaks, chicken, vegetable skewers
  • Salads – from spicy potato to mixed greens
  • Cheese platter; fruit platter
  • Fresh fruit tray with sugar and chocolate dips
  • Garlic bread and houmous
Mix in a few chillout garden party ideas

Keep both relaxing and energetic fun to hand, in case the party vibe goes either way. For chillout, try:

Board Games — Play not to win, but just to chill out. Add chess, backgammon, scrabble and cards.

Blind Herb Smelling — Blindfold your guests and guess the herbs they’re sniffing. Spearmint, tarragon, chervil and parsley are good examples. If your guests are up for planting the seed packets from their invites, this is the good activity for it.

A Reading Chillout Area — Leave a few magazines, old books and newspapers waiting. Cordon off this area, using rugs and a deckchair.

Don’t forget your energetic party games

Play Frisbee, Croquet, Space Hopper racing — Buy these essentials from your nearest kids or sports store. Great fun, when your party needs a jolt of energy.

Cartwheels and Handstands — These are best played before eating. Make sure someone is showing you how to do both of these, before you attempt.

  • For handstands, you’ll need a wall or a strong tree.

Juggling — Bring in a juggling teacher, to give your guests a proper juggling class.

Hold a Hula Hoop Contest — Make this a game, timing each player. The player who can hold Hula Hoop the longest, without needing to restart their spins, is awarded a prize.

Dangling Donuts – Tie the donuts to long bits of string. Hang them from a clothes line, so they hover at chin level on the average player. Now players must eat their dangling donut in the quickest time possible. No hands allowed.

Name-It — You’ll need a football for this.

  • Stand everyone in a circle
  • The first person with the ball calls out a category – like “cars" – then throws the ball to another person…
  • …who must then shout out a related item (“Ferrari”) before passing the ball on
  • Keep the game fast. If a person gets stuck, holds the ball too long or repeats an item – they’re out!

Complete your garden party ideas, with a few party favors. These might include:

A small potted plant, cut flowers or a garden gnome.

Image: joaquinuy

Camping Party Ideas: How 
to Party Outdoors with Style

Camping party ideas at twilight - a campfire Use these camping party ideas to give your camping theme party or camping trip a unique stamp.

Like the humble beach party, camping gives everyone the opportunity to get away from city life – to just be outdoors, quietly somewhere.

Alternatively, you can party at home, in your backyard or a party room. Let’s get you started.

About that camping party location…

However you party, you will need to do some minor planning in advance.

If you’re partying at a campsite, your guests will need to supply their own clothing, food and tents.

  • As it’s a camping trip, you’ll need to organize dates everyone can do, as well directions on how to get there
  • Prepare for bad weather too, just in case
  • If you’re traveling to the site together, give them a time and place for pick up. Add a few road trip games for the ride.

If you’re partying in your yard, your guests will still need to bring a tent (if you’re not sharing) and warm clothes. Stock up on food, drink and games.

Camping party ideas – start the party ball rolling

Camping Scene Invitations — Tease your friends with your camping ideas, by sending them a postcard of a camping scene. Pick your favorites, e.g. With tent, campfire, people gathered cosily. Stick this to white cardstock, with your party details on the other side.

Get Hanging – Celebrate the fun of everyone camping together, by hanging tinsel around the entrance of each person’s tent. String up fairy lights along trees and between tents.

  • Hang wind chimes and paper lanterns from the trees.

Eat Together – Do this, by creating a communal food area, for picnic coolers filled with drinks and snacks and your portable stove.

Camping party games

Bobbing for Grapes — Play on a picnic table, but make sure you’ve got ample space between players. Present each person with a bowl of whipped cream in which 5 grapes are buried.

  • On the word ‘Go’, players must find the grapes and eat them – but without using their hands.

Water Balloons — Fill up ten balloons and see if your camping guests can catch them – without breaking them. Add a messy touch by filling the balloons with whipped cream.

Who Is It? — Players stand in a circle, with one person in the middle. Blindfold this player, then spin on the spot three times. On ‘Go’, this player must walk out towards someone in the circle and ask “Who is it?"

  • The tagged person needs to reply, saying anything, only in a weird voice
  • If the blindfolded player correctly guesses who it is, both players swap over
  • If not, the blindfolded person carries on, until they make a match.

Balloon Shaving — This game can get messy! Everybody is given their own inflated balloon and a minute to draw a face with marker pen. The balloon is then covered in whipped cream.

On ‘Go’, players now shave their balloon using a plastic knife. Whoever shaves successfully – without popping the balloon – wins.

Camping party ideas for activities

Campfire Stories with a Twist — Sit in a circle and ask everyone to write 10 nouns (e.g. people, places, things) on 10 slips of paper. For example: garlic, boomerang, firefighter.

  • Shuffle the papers in a bowl. Pick someone to start telling a story, giving them a minute to do so
  • When time is up, a new person continues- but must first pick a piece of paper from the bowl
  • They now incorporate whatever’s written on the paper into the story. Again, they get a minute, before passing to the next player
  • Why not add a scary touch to the game, by making those nouns horror-related? Like: Ghoul, Bat, Werewolf…

Campfire Singalong — Yeah, I know, a very traditional campfire thing to do. But lots of fun.

  • Take your pick – from classic campfire tunes like California Here I Come; or songs people know (like Wonderwall by rock band Oasis). Sing with or without a guitar (or harmonica!)

My favorite singalongs are to classic kids songs. ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ is a cool example, as everyone gets to add their own lyric, as the song goes round.

Camping food and drink

A camping party would be an incomplete experience without cooking on an outdoor stove or campfire. Here are a few items for your menu:

  • Meats for grilling, like sausages, bacon, wings
  • Fresh vegetables (for a fry-up and for salads)
  • Pasta; potatoes to be cooked in their jackets (bring foil to wrap)
  • Bread loaves and sticks people can tear chunks from
  • Eggs; fresh fruit
  • Marshmallows (for campfire toasting)
  • Homemade cakes

Drinks-wise — Bottled water, lemonade, packets of coffee and drinking chocolate powder for hot drinks. Beer is an easy way to round off your camping party ideas.

Image: independentman

Creative Party Ideas for Busy Urban Seekers