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Beach Party Ideas: How to Make the Most From Your Next Beach Trip

Beach party volleyball gameWhen it comes to beach party ideas, we like to think of them as more than just enjoying sand and sun.

Being out there next to the sea can be a rare opportunity for some.

Combined with the car or train ride down to the beach, and this humble beach visit becomes an exciting day out.

These fun seaside ideas are designed to keep that experience as memorable as possible.

Before you set off for the beach…

I love to fill my beach party ideas with fun activities, making the most of the surroundings.

But before you set out, do a check of what you’ll need to bring. Ask:

  • What will be your activities? Playing music, swimming, beach volleyball, sandcastle building?
  • What will the weather be like? Pack spare towels and beachwear. Also sweaters, for when it gets colder.
  • What’s manageable to bring? And how to carry it? Car travel makes it easy (less so on the train).

In walking distance of the beach? Make sure to bring everything you need. That way, you avoid needing to pop home for the small things.

If you’re driving to the beach, drop in a few road games to make the journey down a pleasant one.

Beach party ideas for your activities

Beach Party Music — Prepare a few iPod playlists for the ride down. Here are a few summery tracks to start your lists:

  • Cruel Summer – Bananarama
  • Wipeout – Fatboy and the Beach Boys
  • Summertime Blues – Eddie Cochrane
  • In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry
  • Under the Boardwalk – The Drifters
  • Kiss Me Once – Kylie Minogue
  • Summer Nights – John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

Build a Sandman Contest — Which team can build a “sandman" – the sand version of a snowman – the fastest? Take photos of the results, for a post-party photo gallery.

  • Award prizes for Best Sandman, Fastest-Made Sandman.

Sand Writing — In solo, pairs or small teams, write messages in the sand, with a stick. Send photos to friends as unique postcards of your day out.

  • Turn this into an against-the-clock relay game – asking players to write the most obscure word for everyone to guess the meaning of. You’ll need a referee and dictionary.

Interesting Find — Set this up at the start of your party. Everyone involved is tasked with bringing back the most interesting object they find.

  • This can be a physical object or a photo, of an object, scene or beach creature. Everyone votes their favorite, with a prize for the winner.

Get a Free Surf Massage — Probably the least active of these beach party ideas! Simply sit or lie down facing the surf and let the waves “massage" you.

  • If it’s very hot and sunny, make sure to wear plenty of sunblock or find a shaded pool area.

Get Sporty — The most active of beach party ideas? Team sports! Make sure to bring a rope or net, for beach volleyball or tennis. Great for an after-food (or after-snooze) activity.

Sand Pictures — Players take it in turns to draw a picture in the sand, leaving everyone else to guess it. Give everyone 5 minutes to jot down 3 things they could draw.

Hold a Sandcastle Building competition — Award prizes for Best Design, Most Imaginative Design, etc.

Beach party ideas for your food

Bear in mind what’s portable and what’ll be perishable, when choosing your food.

Make sure what gets taken to the beach is eaten there, for example:

  • Hotdogs, bacon rashers, chicken wings
  • Homemade potato salad
  • Garlic bread, regular breadsticks
  • Sandwiches, cakes
  • Fruit salad, apples, pears, oranges, bananas
  • Fresh salads

Pick up ice cream on the way to the beach, instead of leaving home with any.

If you’re traveling by train, pack a lunch for everyone.

If you’re partying with bonfires, bring marshmallows and potatoes for roasting.

Keep your drinks in a cooler, e.g. Bottled water, lemonade, white wine, beer. Any food that could melt or go mushy fast should go in an ice cooler too.

Beach party ideas for your favors

Before the trip home, make sure to buy yourself a pack of postcards from the town of your beach. You’ll be using these later, to mail as thank you cards, thanking your guests for a fun time out.

  • Postcards
  • Food that has the beach or town’s name in it, like a cake, cookies, brand of wine
  • A stick of rock or other seaside candy
  • Sunglasses
  • A nice rock or unusual object from the beach. Make sure it’s not alive or polluting
  • Compilation of your roadtrip/beach music

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Fun Group Activities: 20 Ways to Keep
 Your Friendships Happy

Fun group activities - 3 friends pose for a photo Without regular fun group activities with friends, our connections to one another can often fade away fast.

Sure, there’s Twitter, Facebook and the like.

But we’re talking about face-to-face contact. We’re talking about learning more about our friends, by hearing their opinions and stories.

Plus, given how super-busy your week usually is, finding time for quality hangout time can be hard.

That might limit you to evenings and weekends. Even then, you might not do much.

Then there’s long-distance friends to think about or those you’ve reconnected with. How do you start getting to know these people again??

That’s when these fun group activities come in.

The goal is to make hanging out a memorable event. One where, whatever you do, your friendship will come out top.

Got so much to share with each other, but don’t know where to begin?

These 40 fun icebreaker questions are all you’ll need.

Fun group activities – outdoors

Hanging out ideas needn’t cost the earth, nor do you need to try hard to create your entertainment. Not when the outdoors is your stage.

Feel the buzz of almost free music

Check out your local listings for discount gigs, free outdoor concerts and entry to launch parties. Pack a lunch or dinner.

Cycle for joy

Exercise and experience your hometown by biking around.

Let your friend create a bike route, including places they like to visit. Do the same for them. Eat in unknown restaurants en route.

Stare down nature

Ditch the city stress for a few hours, by spending time in nearby nature. Got a beach? Woodland? Hills? Use them. Cook with a campfire. Turn off your phones. Read old paperbacks lazily on the grass. Make it a camping party.

Enjoy walking… of all kinds

You never know what might be shared or where you’ll end up. Walk where you might’ve have taken the bus/metro. Try night walking in your city or join one of its official tours.

Don’t forget to check for rain and pack waterproofs and an umbrella.

If you’re walking off the beaten track, pack a lunch.

Organize a garden party

As city lovers, gardens are at a premium – so if you’ve got one, use it! Make your garden a to-die-for paradise for the rest of us who live in tiny apartments. Check these garden party ideas.

Spontaneous museum/gallery visit

Literally, close your eyes and point to the first listing of your local listings guide. Don’t work out how to get there and leave your smartphones at home. Turn a museum visit into a whole adventure.

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Fun group activities – indoors

Warm up the fire and have your friends over, for a cosy night of sharing experiences and lifestories. Here are a few ways how:

Throw a board game party

Easy to plan, stress-free fun, playing together helps you relax faster.

Depending on the friends present, decide the type of game you want – e.g. competitive, acting, games that make you think.

Prefer non-board games? Here. Love improv games? Try here.

Board games icebreaker

Similar to the above, the Lifestories board game is an excellent way to get friends talking about their dreams and hopes, in a natural fun way. You’ll definitely find out things you’ve never known about them.

Play this Group Storytime Game
  • Sit in a circle and ask everyone to write out 10 nouns on 10 slips of paper – such as tornado, rowboat, pigeon.
  • With one person starting, shuffle the papers.
  • Then give them 1 minute to tell a story using the first slip they pull out.
  • When time’s up, a new person continues the story, by incorporating the next slip of paper. And so on.
Crack open those unwatched DVD boxsets

Lazy activities are also cool – and throwing a movie marathon with mates even cooler.

Why not transform your movie night into a movie theater experience? Make an event out of it, by adding popcorn, corn chips, dips and shakes.

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Fun group activities – for rainy days

Having these rainy day activities to hand means you’ll fret no more, when cloudy wet weather ruins your plans.

Comfort food recipes itching to be learned
  • Know how to bake apple pie from scratch? Got a cake recipe you’re bursting to try?
  • A rainy day is the perfect time to revisit these hidden (forgotten?) culinary skills.
  • Here you can mess up as many times as you like, with your close friends acting as test eaters.
A local hilltop, meadow or forest to conquer

The sounds of Nature are a lot clearer, during rain, so enjoy them. So take a bike to the nearest hill. Go hiking and camp out over night.

If you prefer to stay home, then open the windows and let in the sound of rain.

A messy garden that needs weeding

Post-rain is the perfect time for a spot of gardening, as the soil will be moist.

It’s a good time to put on your rubber boots and raincoat, pick up your spade and get to work. Add in the help of your friends, to make the digging go faster.

Make use of the rain, even if you have just a window box or indoor plants.

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Fun group activities that are plain wacky

When you choose any of these, not only will you and your friends doing it be memorable – but the activity itself will be remembered.

  • As these activities may be the first time for either of you, it will also become the “first time I ever did ___" story to refer back to over and over.
Dinner party, gonzo style

Why not cook for each other, using only the ingredients already in your cupboards and fridge?

Unless it’s for oil, spices and condiments, NO new shopping is allowed. Bin that shopping list! Let your bare wits guide your ad hoc dinner-making.

Go on a road trip with friends

Friends, the open air and the open road, what more could you ask for? Throw in these road trip games to keep the momentum flowing, especially when rush hour or traffic gets in the way.

Race You to Dinner

This is a fun dinner-making activity that’s also part game. You need 8 guests confirmed, in advance of the night.

Of the 8, choose 2 chefs, and instruct the other 6 to bring two food items (one carbohydrate, one protein).

Stock up on spare food, in case you don’t have all the 12 items.

  • On the dinner night, each chef chooses 6 items
  • They then have 90 minutes to create a 2-course meal to feed four.
  • Divide the remaining guests into 2 teams, assigned to the chef whose using their protein.

Once dinner’s made, everyone gets to eat and vote on the best dish of the night.

Design your own party

Only these creative party ideas don’t crush the wallet, and are wacky as they come. Ever been to a White T-Shirt party?

Attack a goofy activity together

Miniature golf, speed dating, nude drawing classes, clowning classes, yodeling, balloon animal making, go karting, unicycling, go to the movies in drag, attend a silent retreat… These are fun group activities where curiosity is your friend.

Laugh until it hurts

And do it, by signing up to a comedy club. Ever wanted to be a stand-up? Getting up on stage helps, if you’ve friends who’ll applaud when no one else will!

If you want to watch someone else instead, see what’s playing locally. Unknown acts need your support too.

Talking of getting up on stage

Why not give a spoken word open mic gig a try? Read out your own or those you like. Or get someone to sing your poem while you accompany them on a guitar.

Image: mckaysavage

Fun Eurovision Party Ideas: Celebrate
 Europe’s Crazy Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision party ideas - guy gives his thumbs up next to a banner for the contestWith these Eurovision party ideas, you now have a new excuse to party.

This time, you’ll be joining thousands of Europeans in celebrating their “Olympics” of pop music – their annual Eurovision Song Contest.

This is held every May, in the city of the previous year’s winner.

A music event that started in 1956, you’ll now find many Europeans glued to their screens, eager to find out which country has won.

For many, national pride is as much a fun part of Eurovision as is the types of songs featured.

All the songs are sung in English, which can make for some interesting lyrics.

Most notable of the Eurovision winners, the group ABBA exploded into the spotlight, as a result of their win for Sweden in 1974 with their song ‘Waterloo’.

Singer Celine Dion also took part in 1988, winning the contest for Switzerland with the song ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’.

Eurovision party ideas for invites

So why not set the scene with your invites. As the Eurovision Song Content can be quite cheesy, think of bright wacky colors in your invitations, as well as musical motifs.

Psychedelic Vibe — Make this, by using pre-bought psychedelic-colored card. Glue gold glitter to the front for a more sparkly effect.

Eurovision Lyric — Alternatively, use a lyric from a previous Eurovision song as your invitation wording, like,

  • “Your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me… for this [party date]". (From the Brotherhood of Man Eurovision song ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’)

Host Country Postcards — Each year, the Song Contest is held in the city of last year’s winner (like Helsinki in 2007).

  • Create a photo collage of the country’s icons – from celebrities to food to buildings.
  • Print, cut out and assemble on white cardstock to resemble a ‘Wish you were here’-type postcard.
  • Add ‘Eurovision Party [year] ’ underneath.
Eurovision party ideas for decorations

Since your TV is the star attraction, re-arrange your seating so everyone can see. Tape silver tinsel trim around the edge of the TV screen.

Hang up a flag of the latest host country (which will be the country of the previous year’s winner). Add some silver and gold tinsel around it too.

Find some popular and traditional sayings from the language of this country. Write these onto banners and stick along your walls. Choose words like ‘Welcome’, ‘Enjoy our party’ and ‘Share love and music’.

Eurovision party ideas for activities

Guess the Winner — Everyone gets a ballot sheet. Whoever guesses the winner and Top 2 runners-up correctly wins a prize.

Get Euro Dancing — With music as your theme, get everyone dancing to former Eurovision winners. Create your playlist before the party, mixed together with music from the host country of the latest Eurovision Song Contest.

Here are a few Eurovision songs to get you started:

  • Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan (Ireland 1987)
  • Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi (Finland 2006)
  • Waterloo – ABBA (Sweden 1974)
  • Love Shine A Light – Katrina and the Waves (United Kingdom 1997)
  • Wild Dances – Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)
  • Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit – Gina G (UK 1996; didn’t win but a great dance track)

Know Your Country Quiz — Educate your guests about the hosting country with a trivia quiz. Good to play during the contest’s intervals.

Eurovision Origins Quiz — Love knowledge? Test your guests’ own background knowhow of the Eurovision Song Contest with a quiz. Here are a few sample questions:

1. Which song was voted the most popular Eurovision song?

1. Boom Bang-a-Bang (Lulu)

2. Puppet on a String (Sandie Shaw)

3. Waterloo (ABBA)

4. Save Your Kisses for Me (Brotherhood of Man)

2. What is the time limit for a Eurovision song?

1. 2.5 minutes

2. 3 minutes

3. 3.5 minutes

4. 4 minutes

3. Which country holds the record for most wins?

1. France

2. Luxembourg

3. Ireland

4. Germany

4. Why was Eurovision created in the first place?

1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2

2. To celebrate new European music

3. To celebrate the founding of the European Union

4. To be a vehicle for unknown European musicians

Answers: 1. 3. Waterloo (ABBA) / 2. 2. 3 minutes / 3. 3. Ireland (won 7 times) / 4. 1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2.

Eurovision party ideas for food

Choose a potluck of food from all over Europe.

Or, you could cook dishes of the latest host country. You’ll need to research recipes online for this. Also find out if there are restaurants from that country in your city. If there are, check them out; find out if they do home delivery/takeaway.

Set up snack food in bowls – like popcorn, potato chips with dips, quiche slices.

Eurovision can be cheesy so – don’t forget to have actual cheese (groan!).

Create a special Eurovision fruit punch – in bright neon pink colors. Serve your punch, soda and wine in kitsch plastic glasses.

Eurovision party ideas for favors

Send your guests home with a few winning party favors, such as:

  • Pastries and candy from the hosting country
  • Flag of the country
  • CD compilation of Eurovision winners
  • Neon-colored feather boas
  • Toy whistles
  • Cheap ray bands

Image: wstryder

Read Wikipedia for more about the Eurovision Song Contest.

All the Friendship Day Party Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Friendship Day party ideas - two friends raise you a glass Thanks to these Friendship Day party ideas, International Friendship Day itself

…every first Sunday of every August…

…can now be as good a holiday as Christmas and Halloween. And they give our friends now the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

It’s easy to take our friends for granted, as being an ongoing presence in our lives. We turn to them for their company, insights and fun.

Friends also come and go, thanks to the ebb and flow of life. New friends arrive, others marry, or drop out of your life then later return.

So by celebrating this day, we get the chance to say a HUGE thanks!

Although the greeting card industry and various countries in South America had a hand in its creation, Friendship Day is now celebrated worldwide.

Use this day to acknowledge your friends – near and far.

Invites for your Friendship Day party ideas

Group Collage Invites — You’ll be creating a collage of your friends out of different photos you have. Sort through your photos first – both digital and print.

Not everyone you’re inviting will be in the same picture. Ask friends to send you their photos, if you’re stuck.

  • Pick at least 10 of your best photos
  • Scan to your computer – then use photo software (e.g. iPhoto) to create a collage
  • Once done, print your collage in color, and glue to it white card
  • Ask your local print shop to make copies. Scribble your party details on the plain side.

Friendship Party details? – Include party time, date, location and contact info. Let friends know to ring with any dietary needs (e.g. daily allergy).

  • Need friends to bring stuff on the day? Mention this too
  • Items could include old photos, video footage and personal mementos.
Decorations for your Friendship Day party ideas

Hang up white and silver colored balloons.

Hang up Friendship Quotes — Print these, either separately, on a banner or as a collage. Here are a few of my favorites:

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." – Douglas Pagels

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things." – Author Unknown

Large Photo Wall — First up, download photos of different friends onto a USB stick.

  • Your local photo shop will use it to print large versions of the photos
  • Once done, laminate each photo. Then hang a gallery along your walls.

The Friendship Table — Friends bringing mementos to celebrate friendship?

Set aside their own display table. Cover it with a white table cloth. Scatter with gold glitter.

Activities for your Friendship Day party ideas

Pick activities everyone can get involved in.

You want to avoid cliques forming – especially if you’ve invited different friends from different parts of your life.

Warm up with a few icebreakers to help people feel comfortable with each other. Do this as fun icebreaker questions or as games.

Games — Make sure to choose non-competitive games, to give everyone the chance to feel equal and involved. Include fun, silly or parlor games.

Scrapbooking — Decide your theme first, after everyone’s confirmed they’re coming.

Then ask them to contribute with related photos and personal items they might’ve kept, e.g. Movie stubs, receipt from a favorite dinner, music.

Themes could include:

  • the Joys of Your Friendship
  • Top 20 Friendship Moments
  • Reproducing a favorite shared memory.

Friendship Cards — Mail a card to every friend in your address book, no matter how far they live or when you last saw them. From new and old friends… to those you might’ve fallen out with (you never know).

Or send them a small gift with a personal note.

Movie Marathon with a Difference — Create a movie night, filled with videos your friends have made in the past of each other. Include:

  • Footage from parties and get togethers
  • Random shorts filmed on an iPhone/smartphone
  • Arty films made in your spare time
  • Slideshows of photos that feature your friends
  • Don’t forget the popcorn! Give prizes for Best Video or Best Moment.

Alternatively, organize a movie theme party.

Gallery of Friendship — Create a digital photo gallery of your friendships throughout time.

  • Make sure everyone knows to bring their own favorite photos
  • Set up a scanner, so print photos can be included
  • Post the gallery online or create a special CD slideshow to mail out to your friends.

Playlist of Love — Create a playlist of songs you and your friends remember from time together – like roadtrip music, camping at a music festival, the upbeat songs you play when you all feel sad.

  • Ask your friends to bring their favorite CDs. Talking music together is great fun and helps people bond.
Food for your Friendship Day party ideas

Keep your menu focused on what your friends like to eat, when thinking about Friendship Party food.

Stock your fridge with your friends’ favorite foods, so they can cook with it whilst at the party.

Alternatively, you might have a regular dish in common – from eating out together regularly or cooking together. If so, make this the party food.

If you do eat at a regular place, check if they do delivery. If not, make a big order of takeout.

What about throwing a potluck? You can ask everyone to bring a favorite dish they love to cook for friends.

If you’ve budding chefs amongst you, why not create an original meal together just for Friendship Day?

Favors for your Friendship Day party ideas

Send everyone home with good memories of the day, with a few favors like:

  • Photos taken from the day (post online or mail out afterwards)
  • An I Love My Friends t-shirt (get this pre-made, or use your own design or a group photo of your friends and ask a specialist t-shirt printer shop to make you a set)
  • A special thank you poem, with a box of chocolates per friend.

8 Chinese New Year Activities 
(with New Year Tips)

Chinese New Activities - A Potluck in progress These Chinese New Year activities are the perfect companion for your next New Year’s. Great fun for friends, Chinese food lovers and newcomers wanting to dive in.

Chinese New Year Tips – Do’s and Don’ts

Things to do before New Year’s Day

Kick off your Chinese New Year activities, by making sure you do a massive top-down clean-up of your home. According to the Chinese, doing this sweeps away the bad luck of the old year.

But you also won’t get the chance to clean again, until after New Year’s is, uh, done and dusted.

It’s important to keep your brooms and brushes firmly locked away. Do not sweep any floors on New Year’s Day or you risk sweeping away good fortune.

On New Year’s Eve, let go of the previous year, by opening all doors and windows of your house at midnight.

Things to do on New Year’s Day

Greet everyone you meet with ‘Gung Hey Fat Choy’. This means ‘Wishing You Prosperity and Wealth’.

See as many friends and family as possible to help spread good wishes for the year to come.

If you’re decorating at home, use color schemes in red (means happiness), gold, and orange (wealth and happiness).

Cover your tabletops with oranges and tangerines.

Don’t wash your hair OR drop your chopsticks. You’d be inviting bad luck, if you do any of the latter.

Important decorating tip

Don’t use white anywhere! White means death – so don’t serve white food or anything with cream. Forget white table cloths, white napkins or anything white-looking.

Your Chinese New Year Activities

Chinese New Year Potluck

Can’t bear the thought of long waiting times for restaurants in Chinatown?

Why not celebrate at home, with a New Year potluck (like in the photo above). Only with this potluck, everyone is to bring a well-known Chinese dish with them. This can be homemade or restaurant ordered. The more food, the better.

  • If your friends and guests are avid Chinese cooks, you can ask them to cook dinner on the spot. Their final dish still makes it a potluck, since no one will know what they’ll be creating initially. Make sure you and they have the ingredients and groceries needed to cook.
Chinese Dining Etiquette Quiz

As your friends are enjoying their potluck, why not educate everyone in the art of Chinese etiquette when it comes to dining.

Chinese dining customs are some of the most intricate table manners in the world. Make a wrong move and, literally, you risk insulting the entire table.

Learn the truth about chopsticks, and more, in this Chinese dining trivia quiz.

Teaching Chopsticks

For those friends who still haven’t gotten the hang of the sticks, this is a lot of fun.

To play, you’ll need a pair of chopsticks, patience and a sense of humor.

  • The top chopstick: take the first chopstick and hold it as though you’re holding a pen.
  • The bottom chopstick: then, insert the second chopstick underneath. It sits right on the base of your forefinger and thumb.
  • Adjust the top chopstick, so your index finger and middle finger hold it, with your thumb supporting the base.
  • When you move the top chopstick now, these two fingers act as a pivot.

When using chopsticks, it’s the top chopstick that moves, not the bottom one.

For a visual demonstration, please check out this instruction video :

Oh yeah – remember NOT to drop your chopsticks, when practicing. Not on the floor anyway (so a tabletop might be alright as long as no one sees).

The Chopsticks Challenge

Playing the Chopsticks Challenge is a fun warm-up before the long dinners that come with Chinese New Year.

It’s a great practice for newcomers to chopsticks – but warn everyone not to drop their chopsticks during the game.

You’ll need a plate, a bowl and pair of chopsticks. A timer or stopwatch. A selection of small items, such as a pen, a lighter, a coin, candy, a bauble from a Christmas tree, etc.

  • Place all the items on the plate, then the plate on the table
  • Players have one minute to transfer as many items from the plate into the bowl – using only the chopsticks
  • The fastest person, or the one with the most items grabbed, is the winner
  • Play this game also as a 2+ person race. Each plate needs to have a set of identical items.
Chinese Ingredients game

This game’s a great way for guests to stretch their legs after (or during) a meal. New Year dinners tend to be hours-long affairs, especially if held with the family.

You’ll need a digestion break, which this game is also perfect for.

Before playing, write down all the ingredients needed to make a particular Chinese dish.

  • Choose a dish that people know.
  • Then copy the ingredients onto slips of paper, making sure there are enough slips for one guest each.
  • Gather everyone on their feet and stick a slip of paper onto the back of each guest
  • Now they must arrange themselves in the order of how the dish is made.

This makes for fun Chinese New Year activities, especially when players disagree on the order!

Chinese Blindfold Food Tasting

Talking of food, why not hold a session to introduce guests to unusual Chinese ingredients or dishes.

Do this be preparing small portions of your testing food in advance – they can be cooked or raw.

  • Never tasted Durian, or chickens feet in black bean sauce? Now’s your chance.
Chinese New Year Dancefloor

Know your Shirley Kwan from your Andy Lau? No?

Then pepper your Chinese New Year activities with a playlist, made up of different Chinese sounds.

Combine Canto Pop with Chinese opera; mix music from different provinces together (e.g. Yunnan, Guangxi).

You will need to do a bit of research. Best place to go is the music store in your Chinatown – or just to ask locals there for the most current hits.

Need Active Chinese New Year activities?

Round off the potluck and the chopsticks “can’t drop ‘em" stress, with a round of Tai Chi.

A martial art in itself, it’s also a great tonic for meditation and rest.

The best way to learn is to hire in an instructor for your Chinese New Year party – or book a beginners’ class for everyone to join.

Image: Liza

Creative Party Ideas for Busy Urban Seekers