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Top 10 Awesome Road Trip Games

Thanks to these road trip games, long car rides are now transformed into a memorable and fun experience.

They’re also perfect for days out to the beach and camping trips.

They can also make commuting and traffic jams more bearable.

And unlike gadgets, road trip games keep everyone occupied at the same time. They’ll get everyone talking and buzzing, which helps make the car journey go faster.

Say goodbye to road trip boredom today.

Road trip games - view through a windscreen

Musical road trip games

Alphabet Singing

Love to sing with road trip games? This one’s full of song titles from A-Z.

  • Decide who’s going first. This player sings the chorus of a song whose title begins with A, e.g. “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.
  • Make sure that the song title also features in the chorus.
  • The next person then starts a song, whose title begins with B. And so on.
  • Players only have 5 seconds to find their song. Any longer? They’re out! Prizes for the winner.
Passenger DJ

Before your trip, put together a music playlist of random, but well-know songs. Have someone “DJ” (since you’re driving, right?)

  • Play a few seconds of a song.
  • Then pause it, so everybody sings the next part as best they can.
  • The person who does it best – with all the correct words and keeping the melody – gets a point.
  • Bonus points, for naming the singer and year of release.

Road trip games for word lovers

A To Zee

Everyone splits into two teams. The first team picks a really tough category for the other team, who then have to list items in it – from A to Z.

  • So, if it were Sigourney Weaver movies? Alien, Be Kind Rewind, Copycat…
  • Each round ends, when the team can’t think up an item for their next letter. Each item named gets a point.
  • Lock away your phones before playing, by the way. No looking on Google for answers!
The Next Letter

Pick a subject, like odd English boys’ names.

  • The first player has 5 seconds to find a name starting with A, with the next going with B, etc. So Armitage, Bartholomew, Cuthbert…
  • Ah, taking longer than 5 seconds? You’re out. Last player wins.
All In a Name

The aim is to come up with famous people’s names (living or dead), that use the first letter of the surname of the previous name.

So Diana Ross? The next name starts with R, like Robert Pattinson. Yep, players only have 5 seconds to choose.

Road trip games with number plates

Number Plate Game

Pick out a random car’s number plate.

The aim is to make a word with these letters, only keeping them in order. Players again only have 5 seconds to make their word.


  • For a plate ending in JNY? “January” or “Johnboy”.
  • Add points to the game – each letter of the word getting a point each.
  • Make sure someone is keeping score.


Alphabet Car Plates

Like the Number Plate Game – only now, you’ll create the funniest phrase possible, using the last three letters of the plate.

  • So – CWP? A phrase could be Cats Whistle Poorly.

Creative road trip games

Pub Cricket

Pubs are a common sight in Britain. The closest equivalent elsewhere could be a café, bar or hamburger joint. Pick one of those if you don’t have pubs.

Players each take it in turns to play.

  • Each time you pass a pub, a point is awarded for every leg on the pub (or bar) sign (or in its name).
  • The White Horse, for example, gets you four points. The Swan? Two.
  • A player’s round ends when you pass a sign without legs, like The Anchor.

Again, you need a scorekeeper. The first person to reach 50 legs wins.

Guess Who I Am

Before playing, pick a specific (but silly) theme that players then work from – e.g, farm animals. Narrowing the theme helps guessing go faster.

  • The first player thinks of an item related to the theme.
  • Everyone must guess what it is, using questions such as (in relation to farm animals) “Do you have two legs?”
  • Answers can only be yes or no. Each round is 5 minutes long.

The Brain Game

Pick an object outside the car. Now each player comes up with as many uses for it as possible.

  • A giant oak tree? A giant broom, a giant paint scraper. A comb.
  • Scale your objects down to everyday items, if your scenery becomes boring.
  • When they run out of ideas, a new object is picked for the next player.

Image: Emlyn Stokes

9 Must-Have Christmas Party Games for Adults

By adding Christmas party games for adults to your festive event, you may be doing your friends a huge favor.

For while holiday parties are fun, there’s usually not much to do, other than get drunk or talk. Christmas is all about get-togethers, so people will expect you to lay on games.

You’ll also be helping forget the stress of the party season – the busy malls, the many parties.

Let’s help them relieve that stress, with these gems.

Christmas Party Games for Adults 1-5

Reindeer Antlers

Break everyone into teams of 3-5. Each team is given a pair of nylon stockings, 8 balloons and a tube of red lipstick.

• On ‘Go’, the teams race to first inflate the balloons and then stuff them down the nylon stockings

• Once the balloons have firmly stiffened the stockings, one member puts them on their head (aka their reindeer antlers) (similar to the guy in the above photo, only your antlers will be larger)

• Use the red lipstick to draw a shiny red nose of their face.

The first team to yell “Rudolph” and present their “reindeer” wins.

The Balloon Stomping Game

Blow up a few balloons first, and tie a piece of string to the end of each one.

Each player then ties a balloon around one ankle.

• On ‘Go’, all the guests (using just their feet) now try to burst other players’ balloons, but at the same time protect their own balloon

• Anyone whose balloon is burst must leave the game

• Last player standing wins.

For playing safety, make sure everyone knows they are only allowed to use their feet to burst the balloon.

No stamping on other people’s feet or kicking is allowed.

And make sure you have plenty of playing space.

Guess Whose Christmas

Got any embarrassing Christmas stories?

Now’s the perfect excuse to wheel them out.

• Give everyone two strips of paper, where they write out one embarrassing story on each

• Collect the strips, jumble them in a large bowl, then make sure everyone takes two

• Players take it in turns to read theirs out, with the rest of the group left to guess the owners.

Another way to play the game is for players to act out their strip of paper.

Festive Partner Drawing

Pair everyone up, so players are sitting back to back, without being able to see what the other person is doing.

One player from each pair is given a bag containing a bunch of weird items (e.g. a plastic chimpanzee, a tooth sharpener, a broken Barbie).

• On ‘Go’, the player with the bag pulls out an item and describes it for their partner to draw, all without giving away what it is

• Once the item is drawn, this partner gets to guess.

The partner must draw as many correct items as they can within a certain time span.

All At Once

Looking for musical Christmas party games for adults? Here’s all of those games rolled into one.

Get everyone up on their feet. On the count of three, everybody sings their favorite Christmas carol (or favorite Christmas song) – all at the same time.

Anyone who messes up their lyrics needs to stop singing at once.

The person who is still singing and can keep going without messing up their lyrics once is the winner.

• As the game host, you will need to keep your ears open, to check for anyone messing up their song. Anyone who tries to restart their song or cheat – tap them on their shoulder so they’ll stop.

Need more games with players on their feet? Check out these mad games.

Christmas Party Games for Adults 6-9

Guess the Stocking Stuff

In advance of playing, fill each stocking with awkwardly-shaped objects, for players to guess what they are.

You can choose Christmas-related objects like pine cones or star-shaped items.

• Or, for more wacky fun, choose weirder shaped objects, such as an ice cream scoop, a can opener, a pair of sunglasses, slime sealed in a ziplock bag

Kick off the game, by sending one stocking around the group. Get everyone to jot down their guess.

The player with the most correct stocking guesses wins.


This game is one I like to call the CCC, but to everyone else it’s the Christmas Chopstick Challenge.

You’ll need a large plate and a selection of Christmas items – for example, roasted chestnuts, a bauble, a Christmas cracker toy, candy cane, pine cone, etc. And a pair of chopsticks. You’ll also need a stopwatch.

• Place all the items on the plate

• Players now take it in turns to grab as many items as they can in 30 seconds – using only the chopsticks

• The winner is the player who can grab the lot the fastest or the most items in the allotted time.

Great to play if everyone’s a bit tipsy.

Dressing Up Santa

Need competitive Christmas party games for adults? With fancy dress? This game has it all.

First of all, break everyone up into even teams.

Assign each team an area of the room to work in. In each area, place a large cardboard box, inside of which contains a complete Santa costume (boots, hat, beard ‘n all).

• On ‘Go’, all the teams race to dress one of their members in the full Santa gear. Give them only 3-5 minutes to do that

• To win, the teams must use up all the items they’ve been given and produce the tidiest-looking Santa.

Another version of this game is to decorate a Christmas tree the fastest.

Use medium-height plastic trees for this, complete with a box of many baubles and ornaments.

Christmas Flip Punch

You can also add a few drinking contests to your Christmas party games for adults.

9 games you’re missing out on

For Christmas Flip Punch, you’ll need a long wooden table, plastic drinking cups and soda pop.

Line up the cups along the edges of the table, filling each with the soda, so there’s one cup per player.

Divide your group into equal teams, each on their own side of the table, with one player behind each cup.

• On ‘Go’, the first player must drink their soda as fast as possible, set the empty cup upside down, then try to “flip” the cup off the edge of the table, so it lands right side up

• As soon as they do, their teammate takes their turn.

First team to flip all their cups wins.

For added drama, you could use vodka punch instead of soda.

7 Kick-Ass Games for a Christmas Party

Thanks to these games for a Christmas party, you’ll have a handy stash of games to cheer up any lull in your Xmas do.

Also known as parlor games, these were invented by the Victorians for Christmas.

But, the fact there’s nothing innately Christmasy about these games, means you can play them at any time in the year.

None of the games need props. This means anyone can play them – all ages, all generations, whether you have money or not.

They don’t require lots of space either. And the number of players is unlimited.

You just get up and play.

So, dare you to pack away your iPad this year – and give these parlor games for a Christmas party a go!

Start enjoying these games for a Christmas party…

Charades — Out of these games for a Christmas party, this is the most well known.

Players need to guess the name of a book, movie or song that another person is acting out.

• Since Victorians favored books, restrict your Charades to book titles too

• Ah, but since it’s Christmas, why not also play ‘Christmas Carol Charades’?

• Write the names of popular Carols onto strips of paper, then jumble in a bowl

• Players can use “sounds like” and “rhymes with”, if they like.

Lookabout — Show everyone a small object quickly, then ask them to leave the room.

• While gone, hide the object. Once back in the room, everyone must search the room – without talking – to find it

• When they do, they must immediately go to the center of the room, sit down and say nothing

The last person to spot the object loses.

Up Jenkins! — An after-dinner game, this is fun way to decide who gets to do the washing up! Keeping everyone seated, but split the table in two.

• The first team is given a coin, which they secretly pass between themselves without the other team noticing

• Minimizing movements is the key here

• When someone in the other team thinks they know who has the coin, they must shout “Up Jenkins!”

• The accused player must stand up and reveal whether they have it

• If they do, the guessing team wins a point

• The coin is then passed to this team for their turn. If not, the game continues as it was

• The team with the most points wins. The losing team? Washes the dishes.

Who Are You? — Gather everyone in a circle, with one person chosen as the Guesser.

• Blindfold the Guesser, placing them in the center. Spin them on the spot three times

• On ‘Go’, the Guesser walk out towards the circle, reaching to touch someone. When touched, they ask “Who are you?”

• The person caught must reply, but in a weird voice

• If the Guesser guesses who this person is, they switch places

• If the guess is wrong, the game continues until the Guesser does right.

Cake Racing — Use the most mouth-watering cake you can find – like yummy chocolate cake!

• Cut the cake into as many slices as there are players

• Each player gets a piece of cake (on a paper plate)

• But before eating, tie everyone’s hands behind their back (using a scarf or rope)

• On ‘Go’, everyone dives into their cake. The first person to eat it completely, no crumbs left, wins.

The Sculptor — Everyone needs to be standing up and standing still.

• One player is your Sculptor, who moves between players, changing their poses – by moving their arms, legs, head

• The trick is to have them pose in something they’ll have difficulty holding!

• Anyone who breaks pose, moves or laughs is out

• The Sculptor can also distract players into breaking pose, but without touching them

• The longest poser wins.

The Name Game — This game is played against the clock (30 seconds, to be exact)

• Give everyone 5 minutes to write the names of 10 famous people. The harder the names the better

• Once done, collect the papers, fold them up and jumble in a bowl

• Now all sat in a circle, the first player pulls out a name

• They now have 30 seconds to get the person on their left to guess it. But without saying the name or what letter it begins with

• No mentions of business names, movie titles or band names either

• If guessed right, the same player keeps drawing out names until their time is up

• If not guessed correctly, they forfeit the round and a new person starts

• Keep going round the group, until all the names are used up

• (Make sure any guessed names are NOT put back in the bowl.)

An example of how to play this?

• Created her business in the kitchen of her house. Customers reuse their empty product bottles. Against animal testing of beauty products

• Yep, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.

6 Company Christmas Party Games to Die For

Company christmas party games - company guy wears an underwear-shaped hat!Add any of these company Christmas party games to your event – and you’ll be doing your workmates will love you (like this guy).

Because for the most part, work people tend to dread the annual Christmas party.

These events can work for individual teams who know each other.

But go outside of that, and invite other departments – and the dread starts to kick in.

Which is why you need these party games. No party will survive without them.

As well as breaking the ice, games also level the playing field. Everyone – from the boss to the manager to the PA – all get to hang out, their job title is no barrier.

Let’s get you started.

Two Spoons

Break everyone into two equal teams, and create a finish line at the opposite end of the room by stringing up some tape.

• Give the first player of each team a spoon, with a bauble balanced on it

• On ‘Go’, both players must run to the finish line, then back to their team, without dropping the bauble

• The spoon/bauble is then passed to their teammate, who takes their turn

• The first team to finish the race – without dropping their bauble – wins.

Any player who does drop their bauble must return to the start line and start again.

To make it harder, you can replace the bauble with something else, e.g. a snowman made out of cake; or a scoop of red jello.

Christmas Carol Relay

Before playing, write out a list of 10-15 Christmas carol titles on a sheet of paper (which only you as game host will see). Split your players into even teams, giving each one a sketch pad and a marker pen.

• On ‘Go’, the first players of each team come to you and are shown the same Christmas carol title

• The players then return to their team and draw the name of the carol as a picture for their group to guess. They’re not allowed to speak

• As soon as the carol is guessed correctly, their next player comes to you for the next carol. And so on.

The first team to complete your carol list wins.

Shave the Balloon

This is probably the messiest of the company Christmas party games, so hand out bibs for anyone who needs one.

• Give everyone an inflatable balloon and a marker pen, and 2 minutes to draw a face on their balloon

• Next, apply shaving cream to the balloons and hand out plastic knives

• On ‘Go’, players must all attempt to shave their balloon – all without popping it

• The first person to succeed wins.

To make it extra Christmas-y, you can fill the balloon with confetti or glitter (or whipped cream, for a messier touch).

Dressing Up Santa

Looking for wacky company Christmas party games? With Dress Up Santa, you’ll need plenty of space to play this game – preferably a large meeting room, where there won’t be much furniture in the way.

• Break everyone into 2-3 equal teams, assigning each one to its own little work area in the room

• In each work area is a large cardboard box housing a Santa Claus outfit (costume, boots, hat, beard ‘n all)

• On ‘Go’, all the groups compete to be the first to dress up one of their team in the full Santa gear. Set the round for 3-5 minutes

To win, teams need to use up all the items in their box and produce the neatiest Santa.

This is a fun team-building game, where teammates at all levels of your workplace or department can bond.

Guess the Christmas Song

Add a musical touch to your company Christmas party games with this easy-to-assemble activity.

You’ll need to create a compilation of songs beforehand on your computer. Mix in festive hit songs with Christmas carols; choose both easy and obscure tunes, new and old, for an eclectic game.

• Start the game, by playing 5-10 seconds of the first track – and let people guess the song

• The person who thinks they know must raise their hand; if it’s correct, they’ll need to sing more of the song

• If they get the lyrics wrong during their singing, their round is passed to another player who can.

Bonus points can be awarded, if players can guess the name of the artist and year of release.

The Bowl of Fame

This is a guessing game, where pairs of players work together to guess as many celebrity names as quick as possible.

• Before you start the game, fill a large bowl with different pieces of paper, each one with the name of a different celebrity (go for 50-100 names)

• Divide everyone into pairs, designating one half as the Actor, the other as the Guesser

• The first pair now has 30 seconds to guess as many names as they can

• The Actor pulls a name from the bowl and gives their partner clues as to who the celebrity is, without naming them.

Once time’s up, switch pairs. The pair with the most correct guesses wins.

Image: Peter Hall