Top 3 Anti Valentines Day Party Ideas

Anti Valentines Party Ideas - a heart painted onto a gravestoneUse any of these anti Valentines Day party ideas, you’re making a bold statement about how you’ll spend Valentines Day.

But it’s important to make that choice, without being angry or emotional.

This can be difficult, thanks to the commercialism of February 14th and the messages of how being single is wrong.

Adding these anti Valentines Day party ideas to the mix also doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate love and romance.

But the way Valentine’s Day focuses on standardized romance, it can put more emphasis on hurt for you.

Here’s how you can avoid the hurt – and celebrate Valentines Day – at the same time.

Avoid feeling miserable about being single

Nothing sucks more than anti Valentines Day party ideas that leave you feeling bad about being solo. Perhaps you’ve just become newly single, or are still smarting from your last relationship.

Either way, celebrating being free from old ties IS the way to move forward.

Like it or not, you are currently single – but you are also independent and in control. This is a better place to be in, than trapped in a miserable relationship.

So when it comes to being anti Valentines, enjoy the fact you are free!

  • Team up with other single friends and center your day around a fun activity – like paintballing, a roller derby, getting a massage
  • Book a class you wouldn’t ordinarily do, just because you can
  • Buy a last-minute ticket to the opera, theatre or a concert; often, there will be single seats in the front few rows, if you’re lucky
  • Eat uplifting, healthy food – like Asian style.

Respecting yourself is the name of the game here.

Say no to celebrating Valentine’s in a romantic way

Who says you need red hearts, cherub dolls and boxes of chocolate, to celebrate? These Anti Valentines Day party ideas are all about ditching the commercial.

Instead, why not try this Unromantic Romantic idea.

  • The invites are written on plain A4 paper. Let everyone know there’s no dress code
  • Flowers, chocolates and other romantic gifts are banned, as are any banners and cards with “Happy Valentine’s"
  • For activities, throw a board game party. Watch comedies or horror movies
  • Play unromantic trivia quizzes – like word or useless trivia. Have a video game match.

Pig out on the messiest food you got – fried onion rings, curry takeout, fried chicken bucket, chocolate cake, takeaway pizza.

Finish off with a drinking game.

When you’re anti Valentines, you’ll probably end up having more fun that Valentiners themselves.

Avoid feeling bitter about your ex

It’s too easy, sometimes, to focus on all the bad things about our exs – what they did do, didn’t do, what you did and wished you hadn’t.

You don’t want to throw any anti Valentines Day party ideas that end up leaving you anti love.

If you dwell on it too much, you’ll become miserable. And, of course, feel unable to move forward in life.

That’s why you need to throw a Relationship Wake this Valentines Day. Like a version of a spring clean, this is your chance to say a proper goodbye to the past – and a BIG hello for what’s to come.

  • Invite all your friends together, giving each a paper and pen
  • Give everyone 30 mins to write all the things they can’t do, thanks to their breakup, e.g. I can’t get over how much I resent him/her, I can’t get anyone to fancy me
  • Once time’s up, gather the sheets, and everyone outside
  • Start a little bonfire and let everyone toss in their papers
  • Once burning, join hands with everyone and give a eulogy, like:

“Friends, we are gathered here today to honor the memory of I Can’t. While he was with us, he touched many. As we watch I Can’t leave our lives, we can feel good to know I Can will take his place. While not as well-known, perhaps some day, with your help, we can make a stronger mark on the world with these new words. May I Can’t rest in peace and everyone here pick up their lives and move forward."

Go back inside, for food, drinks and music. Post-party, mail everyone a few ashes from the bonfire in a little box.

Just the act of the bonfire can be cathartic to many.

Image: Orin Zebest