Camping Party Ideas: How 
to Party Outdoors with Style

Camping party ideas at twilight - a campfire Use these camping party ideas to give your camping theme party or camping trip a unique stamp.

Like the humble beach party, camping gives everyone the opportunity to get away from city life – to just be outdoors, quietly somewhere.

Alternatively, you can party at home, in your backyard or a party room. Let’s get you started.

About that camping party location…

However you party, you will need to do some minor planning in advance.

If you’re partying at a campsite, your guests will need to supply their own clothing, food and tents.

  • As it’s a camping trip, you’ll need to organize dates everyone can do, as well directions on how to get there
  • Prepare for bad weather too, just in case
  • If you’re traveling to the site together, give them a time and place for pick up. Add a few road trip games for the ride.

If you’re partying in your yard, your guests will still need to bring a tent (if you’re not sharing) and warm clothes. Stock up on food, drink and games.

Camping party ideas – start the party ball rolling

Camping Scene Invitations — Tease your friends with your camping ideas, by sending them a postcard of a camping scene. Pick your favorites, e.g. With tent, campfire, people gathered cosily. Stick this to white cardstock, with your party details on the other side.

Get Hanging – Celebrate the fun of everyone camping together, by hanging tinsel around the entrance of each person’s tent. String up fairy lights along trees and between tents.

  • Hang wind chimes and paper lanterns from the trees.

Eat Together – Do this, by creating a communal food area, for picnic coolers filled with drinks and snacks and your portable stove.

Camping party games

Bobbing for Grapes — Play on a picnic table, but make sure you’ve got ample space between players. Present each person with a bowl of whipped cream in which 5 grapes are buried.

  • On the word ‘Go’, players must find the grapes and eat them – but without using their hands.

Water Balloons — Fill up ten balloons and see if your camping guests can catch them – without breaking them. Add a messy touch by filling the balloons with whipped cream.

Who Is It? — Players stand in a circle, with one person in the middle. Blindfold this player, then spin on the spot three times. On ‘Go’, this player must walk out towards someone in the circle and ask “Who is it?"

  • The tagged person needs to reply, saying anything, only in a weird voice
  • If the blindfolded player correctly guesses who it is, both players swap over
  • If not, the blindfolded person carries on, until they make a match.

Balloon Shaving — This game can get messy! Everybody is given their own inflated balloon and a minute to draw a face with marker pen. The balloon is then covered in whipped cream.

On ‘Go’, players now shave their balloon using a plastic knife. Whoever shaves successfully – without popping the balloon – wins.

Camping party ideas for activities

Campfire Stories with a Twist — Sit in a circle and ask everyone to write 10 nouns (e.g. people, places, things) on 10 slips of paper. For example: garlic, boomerang, firefighter.

  • Shuffle the papers in a bowl. Pick someone to start telling a story, giving them a minute to do so
  • When time is up, a new person continues- but must first pick a piece of paper from the bowl
  • They now incorporate whatever’s written on the paper into the story. Again, they get a minute, before passing to the next player
  • Why not add a scary touch to the game, by making those nouns horror-related? Like: Ghoul, Bat, Werewolf…

Campfire Singalong — Yeah, I know, a very traditional campfire thing to do. But lots of fun.

  • Take your pick – from classic campfire tunes like California Here I Come; or songs people know (like Wonderwall by rock band Oasis). Sing with or without a guitar (or harmonica!)

My favorite singalongs are to classic kids songs. ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’ is a cool example, as everyone gets to add their own lyric, as the song goes round.

Camping food and drink

A camping party would be an incomplete experience without cooking on an outdoor stove or campfire. Here are a few items for your menu:

  • Meats for grilling, like sausages, bacon, wings
  • Fresh vegetables (for a fry-up and for salads)
  • Pasta; potatoes to be cooked in their jackets (bring foil to wrap)
  • Bread loaves and sticks people can tear chunks from
  • Eggs; fresh fruit
  • Marshmallows (for campfire toasting)
  • Homemade cakes

Drinks-wise — Bottled water, lemonade, packets of coffee and drinking chocolate powder for hot drinks. Beer is an easy way to round off your camping party ideas.

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