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Must-Have Halloween Origin Trivia Quiz

Although celebrated every October 31, the Halloween origin stuff is never given that much thought. Why do you wear masks on Halloween? Was pumpkin always the original vegetable? Why the heck do you ring a bell on Halloween anyway? With these many mysteries in mind, comes this Halloween Origin trivia quiz, that’s part super-fun, part […]

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A Valentine Trivia Quiz:
 How Well Do You Know Your Love Songs?

With this Valentine trivia quiz, you’re given only one lyric per love song, before you have to name the song. Given the popularity of love songs on the radio, this Valentine trivia is inspired by that. You only need to Google “love songs" for lists of the Top 50, Top 100, The Greatest Ever, and more, […]

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A Winter Solstice Symbols (and Facts) Quiz

This Winter Solstice symbols quiz is the perfect intro for newcomers interested in celebrating the Winter Solstice. The celebration of the returning sun, is what all Winter Solstice symbols honor. The Solstice itself is celebrated at the heart of midwinter – December 21 or 22. From this night onwards, the days will start to grow longer, with […]

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How Much Useless Trivia Do You Know?

Are you a fan of reading totally useless trivia? There’s no better place to put these facts to good use than in this fun quiz. Like finding out that the original game of ‘Monopoly’ was circular? Cool fact. Useless facts are always full of odd surprises. Useless trivia is a great topic to add to your […]

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An Irish Trivia Quiz – 
Test Your Love of Ireland

Test what you know about Ireland with this Irish trivia quiz. Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is the third largest island in Europe, and home to almost 5 million people. Potatoes, whiskey and Liam Neeson are amongst its many famous exports. Then there’s Guinness. James Joyce once described this stout as “the wine of […]

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