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Kupkase: You’ve Never Eaten Cakes Like These Before

If you love quirky party food, or are looking for inventive ideas to brighten up your next event, you’re in for a real treat, with UK company Kupkase. Based in Streatham, south London, and in business since 2013, Kasey Klarke, founder of Kupkase, has been passionate about cake all her life. She lives, breathes and bakes […]

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Killer Christmas Office Party Game (Part Drinking, All Santa)

Without a doubt, any Christmas office party game you choose have to be memorable and out there. They need to combine teamwork with a sense of spirit, and bring everyone together – across as job titles – in an easy way. If that sounds like a tall order… It is, since most co-workers dread the […]

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How to Plan Your Wine Tasting Party Ideas 
(in 10 easy steps)

…And once you nail down the budget and wine for your tasting, pulling off your wine tasting party ideas will be a cinch. Your friends will be guaranteed an unforgettable time, as well as enjoy a new appreciation for wine. You’ll also be organizing an event that features alcohol, yet doesn’t need people chugging it […]

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10 Creative Ideas for a Wine Tasting Party

Looking for ideas for a wine tasting party? Below you’ll find 10 creative ideas, to suit a blind tasting – which is where tasters won’t know which wine is in which bottle. When you throw a blind tasting, you’ll be teaching your tasters to spot the subtleties in taste, palate and aroma of your wines. A […]

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Victorian Tea Party Ideas (Throw a Party in 5 Simple Steps)

Add these Victorian tea party ideas to your entertaining – and you’ll be surprising your guests with this unusual theme. Unlike other themes, a Victorian party brings friends together over hot drinks, biscuits and cakes (instead of alcohol). You can hold it in the day, too, as well as in place of a regular coffee or […]

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