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Top 15 Office Party Games for Team Events

You need office party games, if you’ve been asked to organise or help out with the next office party. Office parties are a necessary evil sometimes. They’re sometimes fun, or sometimes events to dread. It’s your job to make them as comfortable as possible. While the food and drinks budget is easy to fix, coming […]

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5 Meeting Icebreakers for Awkward Team Meetings

Who doesn’t hate going to meetings with their team? That’s why you need meeting icebreakers. No more sitting around with the people you do your best to avoid during the day can fill you with dread sometimes. Since team get-togethers have the potential to feel awkward, I’ve always tried to open mine with a few […]

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6 Crazy Company Christmas Party Games

Let’s face it, we need company Christmas party games. Most people hate Christmas parties at work. Who doesn’t want to look embarrassed in front of their boss, right? While team parties are just about bearable, it’s when parties are opened up to the whole department or even your entire company, is when the anxiety can […]

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Kupkase: You’ve Never Seen Cupcakes Like These

If you love quirky party food, or are looking for inventive ideas to brighten up your next event, you’re in for a real treat, with UK company Kupkase. Based in Streatham, south London, and in business since 2013, Kasey Klarke, founder of Kupkase, has been passionate about cake all her life. She lives, breathes and bakes […]

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How to Create Office Party Ideas Your Team Will Love

Never have any good office party ideas to hand, when your teammates suddenly decide “let’s have an office party"? Yeah, it really sucks. I’ve been there. And thanks to the way parties are usually run, many people tend to dread the office party. They’re always so formal and stuffy, right? Even though we spend a […]

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