Killer Christmas Office Party Game (Part Drinking, All Santa)

Without a doubt, any Christmas office party game you choose have to be memorable and out there. They need to combine teamwork with a sense of spirit, and bring everyone together – across as job titles – in an easy way.

If that sounds like a tall order…

It is, since most co-workers dread the annual company office party. In order to convince them to come along, you need to devise games and ideas that help them forget they’re at work. Alcohol usually helps.

Which is why Raise Your Glass to Santa is a Christmas office party game you need to add to your annual event. Designed as a party warm-up, to be played just before you all sit down to eat, you can also play it post-food. It’s an excellent way to help everyone relax, since your entire group will need to play. There are no prizes to win here, either. It’s just about having fun, no competition.

How to set up this Christmas game

You’ll need everyone sat around a dinner table to play. People will need to be on their feet for the majority of the time, so make sure you’ve got enough space between in your dining area for movement.

There’s also dance routine element to this game, but it’s nothing too complicated. As the party host, you’ll be leading the game, which means you’ll also need to learn the game first and know the moves inside out, before using it on your team.

How to play this Christmas office party game

Introducing the game

Everyone sits around the table with a drink. That drink doesn’t need to be alcoholic, but it needs to be in a wine glass. Make sure everyone’s glasses are full.

As the party leader, let everyone know you’re going to honor an old Christmas good luck ritual of drinking a toast to Santa. Try and introduce this in a very informal, storytelling kinda way; people may actually believe you!

Ask everyone to pay careful attention to what you’re doing, as they’ll be joining in afterwards. Explain your steps as you go along.

Once you’ve finished, say ‘Now let’s go it together’.

Now lead everyone in repeating your moves. Keep this brisk – don’t pause for slower or confused players or explain anything.

Like with all fun party games, the laughs will come from players getting it wrong, as they try to remember the sequence.

Introducing the dance routine

To start things off, you’ll (the party leader) be doing the dance routine on your own. Make sure everyone’s sat down and watching.

1. Stand up. Pick up your glass between thumb and index finger.

2. Raise the glass to your chin and say ‘I raise my glass to Santa Claus for the first time.’

3. Take a sip from the glass (with a sipping sound), sit down and place your glass on the table with a distinct thump.

4. Wipe your mouth with the back of your hand – first to the left, then to the right.

5. Tap the table once with your right hand to the right of the glass. Then once with your left hand to the left.

6. Tap the table from underneath, once with your right hand, and then with your left.

7. Stamp your foot on the floor, once with your right foot, then with your left.

8. Stand up, and then sit down again.

Toast Santa for a second time

Once you’ve sat down, stand up again, with your glass between your thumb and index finger. Raise the drink to your chin and say ‘I raise my glass to Santa Claus for the second time.’

Repeat the routine as before – but do everything twice! So:

– Two distinct sips from your drink
– Sit down
– Put glass with two thumps
– Wipe your mouth either side twice
– Tap the table four times (two to the right, two to the left)
– Tap the table four times underneath
– Stamp your feet two times on either side
– Sit up and sit down twice.

Then say ‘All together now’.

And this is where the real fun of this Christmas office party game begins.

Now everybody does it. You can sit down and watch them as they go through the entire routine.

Toast Santa for a third time

Once everyone’s finished and sat down, say ‘Stand up again, because we’re going to do it again, but three times’.

Lead everyone first.

This time, everyone together raises their glass to Santa Claus for the third time and repeats the routine, doing everything three times.

Toast Santa for a final time… but with a twist!

Once everyone’s finished, you say, ‘I now raise my glass to Santa Claus for the last time. Then start the routine – BACKWARDS. This time, players only need to do actions once. So:

– Sit up and sit down
– Stamp your feet once on each side
– Tap the table underneath once on each side
– Tap the table once on each side
– Wipe your mouth two times
– Pick up glass and put it down with a thump
– Stand up,
– Take one distinct sip from your drink.

Once on your feet, sit down and now say ‘All together now.’ Have everyone do this backwards version of the routine together.

A slight variation of the game

If you feel getting everyone to jump it together and do everything three times is too much, you might want to have everyone join in just before you toast Santa for a second time. That way, you give everyone the chance to practice the move together.

Then, when all is done, and you say ‘I raise my glass to Santa Claus for the second time’, you can now all do the routine (twice) before sitting down and letting everyone continue a third time.

This really is a seriously crazy game. Other Christmas office party game fun won’t seem quite as sane afterwards. But if you’re game for more Xmas mayhem, why not try these…?