Christmas Office Party Ideas: Say
 Goodbye to Annual Xmas Party Dread

Christmas office party ideas - 3 office guys in costume The goal of these Christmas office party ideas is to help you create a memorable event your teammates will look forward to.

This can be quite a feat, since most people will be looking forward to the time off that comes with the holidays – not partying with their co-workers.

Also, unlike regular office parties, a Christmas party requires everyone to be jolly together – for several hours at a time. This might be a nerve-wracking experience for some.

So how to overcome these dilemmas?

By creating Christmas office party ideas that people can’t wait to attend.

Check out these ideas and tips below.

Forcing people to take part will be your death

A Christmas party maybe a company tradition. But it doesn’t have to be traditional.

If you follow these next 5 tips, your party will already be on its way to success.

  • Avoid the usual sit-down-and-eat office party. Get people moving about
  • Don’t party in the same building you work in. Splash out on an off-site location
  • Don’t force people to take part in games or wear Santa/paper hats. Let them choose when they’re ready
  • Seat people according to their teams/department? A Big No. Better for people to sit with friends they know or have some bond with
  • Ban all office politics or gossip. That’s why you need to party outside the office. You need that separation. You also need to make sure everyone knows.
Instead, create an EVENT out of your Christmas party

Most people will expect the sit-down office party – and so will automatically assume yours will be just as boring.

That’s why you need to make your party an EVENT. Break the budget if you have to.

Your teammates deserve cool Christmas office party ideas, having worked so hard the rest of the year.

Here’s how:

1, Center your party around an activity
  • Like? Bowling or going to a comedy club. A theatre trip. Paintballing
  • Or hire an actual movie theater for a Christmas movie marathon (movies don’t have to be Christmas-themed).
2, Theme your office Christmas party ideas

…and so giving everyone the chance to dress up and show off their outfits

To encourage everyone to take dress up, add prizes or some kind of incentive. That way, you take the pressure off people.

Try the 60s, 70s, or 80s. Finding second-hand clothes will be easier too. Great for music and dancing.

How about a Hawaiian Luau? Help everyone forget they’re in the winter! Or Christmas, Australian style!

3, Add silly activities to the mix

Add as much playfulness to your Christmas office party ideas as much as you can.

We’re talking games and leaving disposable cameras lying around.

Check out these Christmas office games.

Are you ready for a memorable experience this year?

Even if your company budget won’t stretch to a lavish event, you can still change up your Christmas office party ideas by playing against convention.

For example:

  • Time of day — Most people expect an evening after-work party. So why not try an earlier time, e.g. lunch or a long breakfast.
  • Changing the time can reduce resistance from your team about having a party
  • Time of week to party — If you prefer an evening party, why not host it later in the week. That way, it’s a nice lead up to the weekend.
  • The venue — Venues fill up quickly this time of year, so book fast. Mix in a few alt venues too, e.g. the local farm canteen; a cinema night; a bowling alley with a restaurant.
  • The size — Size of the event is up to you. Larger parties equal more planning and supervision. Smaller affairs? These are less stressful and more intimate.
  • Dress code — Unless your boss says otherwise – smart casual is the way to dress. Unless you’re all in fancy dress, that is.

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