Christmas Party Themes: 3 unique ways to stand out from everyone else

Have you had enough of the same old Christmas party themes?

You know, where “Christmas" and “winter" are usually the main topic?

Where, by the time you’ve sailed through all your festive parties, you can’t tell the difference between them?

With everyone doing the same thing, now’s your chance to stand out – put on *the* Christmas event people will remember.

Since no one will be thinking out of the box – like you – you won’t have to stress too much about what to choose.

You can, with the help of the next 3 Christmas party themes, take a stroll with your party planning – while everyone else is chasing after baubles and Santa hats.

1 Your Christmas party has to be about Christmas

Not necessarily.

Christmas is the holiday – so why not just celebrate the holiday element itself, where people can come along and let their hair down.

Like with a Black and White Theme Party:

  • Invites – Use a print of old movie still, from a classic b&w film like “To Kill a Mockingbird. Tell people to dress in black and white. From tuxedos to convict outfits…
  • Decorations – Create a 1960s monochrome look, taping strips of b&w fabric to your walls. Hang up b&w photos of old movie stars and street scenes.
  • Project b&w movies. Go polka dot for tablecloths, tableware, napkins. Create a zebra crossing rug, painting black stripes onto white fabric.
  • Activities – Chess, backgammon. Bob for black cherries in a white bowl. Watch classic b&w movies. Cover your guests in black overalls to play shaving games. Create a dancefloor shimmering with blacklight and white strobes.
  • Food – Serve a hot buffet out of b&w crockery. Make polka dot pasta (white pasta with black olives); steamed chicken with herbs; a seafood pie. Lay on black forest gateau or white ice cream with chocolate shavings.
2 Christmas party themes need to be about all things snow… and cold

Unless you’re partying in the southern hemisphere, that is, where Christmas may be running during their summer months.

Like in Australia.

In fact, here’s how to Christmas party, Aussie style:

  • Invites – Mail order a pack of Australian postcards, adding your party details to each one. Or, buy mini Australian flags and sticky-tape your invite to the stalk.
  • Decorations – Hang up an Australian flag and beach/surfer scenes. Cover your seats and tables in sandy-colored fabric.
  • Play DVDs of Australian movies and soaps. Create a playlist made of native singers – like Midnight Oil, Nick Cave, Kylie.
  • Dress Code – Summer shorts, baggy t-shirts and a Santa hat. Provide a changing room.
  • Activities – Whip out your playlist, for dancing. Hold a singalong to famous Australian carols such as ‘Six White Boomers’ and ‘Santa Never Made It into Darwin’.
  • Arrange for a Santa to turn up (with his surfboard), to hand out gifts (like beer in a stocking).
  • Food – this will be a cold buffet – of deli meats, seafood and pasta. Create a fruit display from mangoes and watermelon. BBQ, if the weather’s warm.
  • Puddings? Think ice cream, chocolates and mince pies. Drinks? Fruit punches – and Australian beer.
3 Christmas is about peace on earth. But what about peace on Mars?

True, we don’t have live on Mars – but we are a culture in love with science fiction and UFOs.

So if you’re going to spend Christmas somewhere else, why not throw an Alien Christmas Bash:

  • Invites – Write your invites, using an alien language (with the translation underneath). Try Klingon or Alienese (from TV show ‘Futurama’).
  • Decorations – Hang cardboard cutouts of spaceships, stars and planets from your ceiling. Darken your room and then light with strobes and blinking fairylights.
  • Hang Martian alien masks on the walls. Cover tabletops and serving bowls with foil.
  • Dress Code – Plenty of alien fancy dress choice – from Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who. Add a Santa hat to each.
  • Activities – A sci-fi movie showing. Dance to theme music from sci-fi films. Have a Best Outfit contest. Play Alien Movie Charades.
  • Food – Just a regular finger food buffet – pasta, pies, salad, cold meats – only give them alien names. Like Puddings from Pluto or Flying Saucers (aka pancakes).
  • Experiment with colored fruit punches (red, green, blue) with names like Alien Amaretto or Jupiter Juice.

The best Christmas party themes are the ones that help you forget about the freezing cold winter outside.

They take you away from the frost and the stress of the holidays.

When you’re next thinking about Christmas party themes, be sure to give these 3 a try.