Counting Chocolates: A Unique Party Game: Interview with Creator, Owly Dave

Do you love chocolate so much you’re counting chocolates in your sleep? I hear you.

And when you love parties as well – combining chocolates and party games makes for a potential explosive concoction.

Fortunately, songwriter Owly Dave has read our minds, with his brilliant Youtube game, “Counting Chocolates”. Owly joins us today to reveal more about how this game came to be.

So, Owly, can you tell us how you came up with this game? What were its origins?

The idea just popped into my head! I have no idea why. The tune just suited a fun song.

How did you decide which chocolates to include?

I wrote down all the chocolates I could remember, I paired up the names that rhymed, and I looked at which ones had a double meaning.

The chocolates here all sound like UK brands, e.g. Marathon, Double Decker. Are there plans to release a similar game featuring American brands?

I don’t know American brand names – except ‘Hershey Bar’ which I did include although I’ve never seen one. I think ‘Ritter Sport’ may be an international brand?

What kind of stuff do you write as a songwriter? Pop, musicals, rock, etc?

I just write songs for fun – although some of the subjects are serious. The styles are vary – many are folky but some are a bit rocky. The subjects include; escapism, childhood, romance, modelling, death, shopping, ancestors, lesbians, flying, war, wildlife, weather, memory loss, anti-war and environmental protest songs.

Is that your voice singing in the game?

Yes, I’m the only person that sings my songs!

Do you have any plans to create more games like Counting Chocolates?

I never plan to write songs; they just happen. My latest song is called ‘There goes Charlie’ which is a disaster song about a little boy who ends up being a bit of a hero. I finished writing it on Monday, recorded it on Tuesday, and played it in a Folk Club the next night (last night). Fortunately everyone loved it! My next song might be a party game or not – I have no idea!

Lastly, Owly, how do you like to chill out, when you’re creating such original party games?

My life is very busy with work at the Barn Owl Trust and I hardly ever get to chill out. Everyday I try to have a walk with my partner Jaine and our lovely dog Maizie.


Thanks Owly, for taking part. You can check out his Counting Chocolates game here.

Image: Jonathan Reyes

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