Decorating Easter Eggs? 
A video guide to 4 different approaches

Decorating Easter eggs - an egg done as a DalekBy decorating Easter eggs in these 4 different ways, you can create them as gifts as well as decorations. You can even design eggs to serve as long-term room displays.

Learning how to decorate Easter eggs in this way is a whole lot easier, though, when watching someone else do it.

Hence these Youtube videos, which have helped me in the past and hope will help you as well. Each one walks you through a straightforward process.

Preparation Tip #1 – decorate hard-boiled eggs or empty eggs?

Either egg type can work, depending on what’s best for you.

Hard-boiled eggs work best, if you want a sturdier object to paint. They’re also easier to handle, if you have a tight grip, and won’t break as easily.

  • To hard boil the eggs, place them in a single layer in a saucepan.
  • Add water, cover, and bring the eggs to just boiling. Switch off the heat.
  • Remove the pan and leave the eggs to sit in their water for 15 minutes. Then run cold water over them, so they cool.

If you’re planning to keep the eggs, choose the empty egg option. Cooked eggs will eventually go off.

Empty eggs allow you to keep the egg and put them on display. To empty your eggs, you’ll need to blow out the insides.

  • Carefully prick a small hole at either end of the egg.
  • Then blow through one hole, so the insides leave through the other.
  • Make sure to use the insides in an omelette or something.

You can also strengthen their shells, by gluing to them thin layers of paper.

Preparation Tip #2 – wash your hands before and after decorating

That way, you protect yourself from any germs on the egg. You also protect the egg from any oils or mess you might accumulate.

1. Decorating Easter eggs in various artistic styles

Need: paintbrush, various dyes and paints, glass containers, newspaper

Video length: 4.01 minutes

Learn how to create several fun designs – like glitter egg, striped, ombre (my fave) and chalkboard egg. All the eggs are empty eggs.

Unlike the other videos, you won’t be talked through the process. Just watch and follow. There are instructions onscreen, to help you along.

2. Learn how to use flowers and leaves to decorate Easter eggs

Need: dried flowers, leaves, a pan for boiling, glues

Video length: 1.43 minutes

In this video, you’ll be shown how to create eggshell patterns, using dried flowers and leaves. Both are used as pieces to lay over the shells as well as in homemade color dyes.

3. How to decorate chocolate Easter eggs

Need: pre-made chocolate eggs and candies

Video length: 3.24 minutes

Ideally, the chocolate eggs you use will be the same size as regular eggs, so they can fit inside a standard cardboard egg box – which in itself becomes the gift box. Your eggs can be supermarket bought or made at home, using moulds.

• This video shows you how to decorate your eggs with sugar pieces, icing and chocolate buttons.

Decorating Easter eggs - Ukrainian eggs in a jar 4. Decorate Easter eggs, the Ukrainian way

Need: beeswax, natural dyes, a stylus for the wax. To purchase these and more, check out this excellent online Ukrainian arts store.

Video length: 3.06 minutes

Pysanky in itself is a type of craft. And once you’ve mastered it, your egg designs can be as elaborate as you like – and can be displayed around the house, like in the image here. The image at the top of the page is also Pysanky, done in the style of a Doctor Who Dalek.

Decorating Easter eggs this way will take some time, since you’ll need to think through your ideas. But the final result is worth all the effort.

Images: PugnoM, VaMedia