Dinosaur Party Ideas: 6 Reasons Why Adults Need This Party

Dinosaur party ideas - dinosaur head Dinosaur party ideas aren’t just for kids.

And who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a Triceratops taking on a Tyrannosaurus Rex (at least in the movies)?

When organizing your prehistoric party, make sure to consider all 6 of the following:

Dinosaur party ideas stop you from taking life too seriously

Ever fantasized about battling T-Rexs and living in a cave? That’s a fantasy enough to shake you out of any misery – because it’s such fun.

  • To create a cave setting for your party, cover all tabletops and sofas in gray drapes and fabric, to give it a stone-colored feel.
  • Bring the outdoors in, by placing large-ish rocks on the floor and tables. Scout for a few fallen tree branches, which you can position around the room.
  • Hang a cardboard pterodactyl from the ceiling. Cover your walls in posters of dinosaurs. Scatter plastic dinosaur toys.
Prehistoric movies are the best. Period.

Especially the movies pre-dating Jurassic Park.

They’re the instant crowd-pleaser, when you add a movie chillout to your dinosaur party ideas.

  • Be sure to add classic movies, such as “One Million Years BC", “Journey to the Center of the Earth" (the 1959 version) and “The Lost World".
We all loved identifying which dinosaur did what as kids

And you can do that again, with the following dinosaur party games:

Know Your Dinos? — This is a picture card game you can make.

  • First, you’ll need a long list of dinosaurs. Find and print their corresponding images from the web, gluing each one to its own card.
  • Each dinosaur name also gets its own separate card.
  • Now shuffle the cards together and have everyone work out the matches.

Prehistoric Animals Biography Game — This time each animal picture card has ten cards to go with it.

  • Each of these ten cards is one characteristic of this animal. “Spiked tail", for example, belongs to the Stegosaurus.
  • Each team needs ten picture cards each for effective playing.
Cavemen (and women) never had the wardrobe headaches…

And to demonstrate, ask everyone to come in fancy dress.

Think caveman, Barney the Dinosaur, Fred Flintstone, full-length dinosaur outfits. Dinosaur face painting, warrior face paint. Props may include spears and clubs. How about a necklace made from plastic dinosaur toys?

…or the daily stress that comes with modern life

Hunting, fighting and managing a cave, sounds so simple.

Give your guests the chance to try these with the following party activities:

Caveman Scavenger Hunt — Hide your items pre-party, then give each team or pair the list to find. Set a time limit, with the team finding the most winning. A few example items:

  • A circle of stones in front of the entrance
  • Plastic dinosaur toys hiding behind houseplants
  • Caveman wooden spear hanging in your closet

Stone Age Charades — Fill a bowl with slips of paper, each one written with an everyday scenario cavemen might have experienced. Keep the game hard by not allowing “sounds like" or “rhymes with".

Prehistoric Tug of War — You’ll need a thick rope and outdoor space. Split your players into two equal teams – the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons. Ideally, both teams should contain players of equal physical strength.

  • Draw a small line in the middle of the play area
  • It’s the job of both teams to try and get their rivals to let go of the rope or cross the line
  • The first team to make the other fall over wins.
The whole concept of dinosaurs is just cool

And when it comes to dinosaur party ideas, they’re also useful, for naming regular party food like this:

  • Fried Pterodactyl (fried chicken and wings)
  • Brontosaurus Burgers (your meats. Try and vary their texture, by smoking them or presenting in pies)
  • Triceratops Cuisine (mixed vegetable salads, green salads, fruit)
  • T-Rex Mex (chilli)
  • Caveman Cakes (group your party cakes together. Include rock cakes)