Even More Drinking Party Games

Drinking party games - a game of Flip Cup in progress Add any of these drinking party games to your event – and you’ll be giving everyone one heck of a good time.

Drinking games add a competitive edge to any party, thanks to the drink itself acting as a form of punishment. This is what makes them such a fun group activity.

They’re also perfect when played with a few dares.

To play these drinking party games, you’ll need 3 or more players. You won’t need any props, other than a pack of playing cards.

Let’s get you started.

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Flip Cup

Create two even teams. Place half a cup of beer on the table next to each player.

  • On ‘Go!’, the first player of each team has to chug down their beer, and then flip the cup from the edge of the table so it lands upside down (as seen in the photo at the top of this page).
  • Once it does, only then can their next teammate take their turn.

First team to flip all their cups is the winner.

High or Low

Shuffle a deck of cards, dealing a face down card to your first player. This person has to guess if it’s high or low.

  • If they guess correctly, deal them another card.
  • If they guess three right, they can continue guessing or pass.
  • But if they guess a card wrong, they drink to the value of that card. For Jacks, Queens and Kings, the value is 10; Aces are 11.

Keep going, until the whole pack’s spent.

Beer Blow

Take a deck of playing cards and place them on top of an empty bottle. Players take it in turns to blow cards from the deck.

The person who blows the last card off drinks one beer.

  • As a bonus: anyone who blows off an Ace also drinks a whole beer. Two Aces blown? That’s two beers, etc.
Drinking game for the office
Freeze or Drink

Unlike the previous games, you play this one continously at your party. Pick someone to be your Mister Freeze.

At any given moment in the party, this person will freeze, like a statue.

Anyone who notices does the same. The last person to notice must drink one beer. Then a new Mister Freeze is chosen.

Across the Bridge

Deal out 10 cards, face down, in a straight line on a table top. This line is called the Bridge.

The first player flips over the first card. If the number is 2 to 10, they’re safe – and can flip the next card.

  • But if they flip a Jack, Queen, King or Ace, the player must drink its value (Jack = one sip, Queen is two, King three, Ace four).
  • Their next go passes to another player.

Keep the game going, by adding 10 new cards when you’re down to the last two of the first Bridge.

The game finishes with the whole pack done.

Flip, Sip or Strip

You can play this game with a coin or a spin-that-wheel type of dial, where each section of the dial lands on an action to take (like in this picture).

Each player takes turns flipping, calling heads or tails.

  • If they guess correctly, the coin is passed to their left
  • If they guess wrong, the coin is passed to their right and they drink or take off an item of clothing
  • If you’re thinking you can just drink all the time, and not strip, you’d be wrong. Doing the same option twice is not allowed.

This drinking game is one where everyone needs to pay attention. Slipping up equals punishment.

Each person takes turns counting, with the first saying “one", the next “two", and so forth.

Whenever a player hits a number divisible by seven, they must say “buzz".

If the player doesn’t say “buzz", they drink. If a player says “buzz" by mistake, they also drink.

The goal of the game is to see how high a number the group can reach with as few buzzes as possible.

  • This game also works, if you pit two teams against each other. If you play this way, make sure each one has a referee, then stay out of their way
  • Game play can be pretty fierce – so watch out!

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