10 Earth Day Activities for 
Beginners and Adults

Earth Day activities - a group tree hugUse these Earth Day activities to celebrate Earth Day, which takes place every year – April 22.

Not only will you play a part in raising awareness of the environment, you get to have a lot of fun too.

Many of these ideas are exclusive to Earth Day, and so are more special.

Known as well as ‘International Mother Earth Day’, start planning yours with these ideas.

Start navigating the Earth with these

The following Earth Day activities do require some planning.

Rope in your friends, though, the more the merrier.

Help Birds in Need

This is a bird table building idea, uniting bird lovers and amateur carpenters.

  • Before Earth Day, recruit your builders and have your materials at the ready
  • Find wood at local merchants (usually free for rejected pieces); your local DIY store for the rest
  • Supply tools, work space, entertainment and food/drink
  • For bird lovers, create a birdwatching guide. Include info on seeds
A Supper that Educates

Celebrating local food provides an opportunity for cooked Earth Day activities.

You can source your food from local farmers markets, alternative food stores and the organic sections of the supermarket.

With the latter, make sure to pick local food, not items imported from other countries.

  • Accompany your meal with a mini booklet, describing how it was together, where the ingredients were bought, how it was cooked
  • Combine your dinner with a Goodwill drive for unwanted stuff
Organize a Street Fair

Where and who you will involve is up to you. You could involve a school, your workplace or just your street.

Bear in mind how much time you will need to put aside, to organize.

You can use social media to advertise your fair, as well as recruit speakers and attendees. Include the following at your fair:

  • Talks on locally grown food, where to buy, how to cook
  • Local artists and kids celebrating Earth Day in a creative way
  • Food stalls using local produce; product stalls
  • Old books, clothes and CD exchanges; a Goodwill area

Ask visitors to make a small donation, as well, to help a local conservation group. Speaking of which:

Local Conservation Love

Have you never volunteered with a local conservation group? Now’s a good time as any.

Groups always need help, for tree planting, weeding, door-to-door recycling, and the like. Sign up your friends and work on a job together.

Organize a Group Tree Hug

Never showed your appreciation for trees? With these Earth Day activities you can. Recruit your tree huggers from friends and locals.

Pick a series of trees around the neighbourhood, and arrange it so everyone meets at the first. Then after the count of three, hug that tree (like in the photo up the top). Once done, move onto the next.

Don’t forget to add music and food to your tree hugging, to keep everyone engaged. You may want to ask people to contribute their own stories and songs of local and favorite trees, as you go.

Weed your Community

Scout your local area, to see what’s in disrepair and could use a hand.

Like? Gardens around community centers, churches, neighbours gardens. If the owner of it agrees with you, organize helpers.

Join a Critical Mass Bike Ride

Earth Day activities aren’t just confined to nature itself. You can use them to make a statement about the state of the world.

Critical Mass is one such organization, who make a case for our streets and roads, by holding mass cycle rides every last Friday of the month. Their statement? Taking back the roads for the people.

Their mass bike rides take place across the world. Try and attend a bike ride as close to Earth Day as possible.

Treat Locals to their Local Food

Create a menu of homemade bread, jam, pies, stews and salads, all created using local produce.

On Earth Day itself, give your neighbours free bite-sized samples.

  • Drop by senior citizens or arrange with a school
  • Create a special lunch for local retailers, swinging in with your gifts
Earth Day Work Lunch

You can add Earth Day activities to your job, by hosting an eco-potluck your teammates contribute to.

  • Decorate your lunch with posters and music about nature
  • Include a presentation, showing staff how they can help the environment with easy ideas
  • Organize a Goodwill drive

If an supplier does the company lunch (like a sandwich firm or mobile takeout), coordinate with them to create a one-off Earth Day menu.

Company Pledge

Use these Earth Day activities to commit your team or company to an eco-change.

Start with a survey, asking staff to vote on 10 areas they’d want change. For example:

  • Better recycling, improved bicycle parking, replacing snack machines with fruit

Submit the popular vote to your bosses, using Earth Day as the day they’ve got to say Yes! Put pressure on them, too.

Once signed, blog about it on the company website. Highlight whatever results were achieved at your next Earth Day pledge.

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