Fun Eurovision Party Ideas: Celebrate
 Europe’s Crazy Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision party ideas - guy gives his thumbs up next to a banner for the contestWith these Eurovision party ideas, you now have a new excuse to party.

This time, you’ll be joining thousands of Europeans in celebrating their “Olympics” of pop music – their annual Eurovision Song Contest.

This is held every May, in the city of the previous year’s winner.

A music event that started in 1956, you’ll now find many Europeans glued to their screens, eager to find out which country has won.

For many, national pride is as much a fun part of Eurovision as is the types of songs featured.

All the songs are sung in English, which can make for some interesting lyrics.

Most notable of the Eurovision winners, the group ABBA exploded into the spotlight, as a result of their win for Sweden in 1974 with their song ‘Waterloo’.

Singer Celine Dion also took part in 1988, winning the contest for Switzerland with the song ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’.

Eurovision party ideas for invites

So why not set the scene with your invites. As the Eurovision Song Content can be quite cheesy, think of bright wacky colors in your invitations, as well as musical motifs.

Psychedelic Vibe — Make this, by using pre-bought psychedelic-colored card. Glue gold glitter to the front for a more sparkly effect.

Eurovision Lyric — Alternatively, use a lyric from a previous Eurovision song as your invitation wording, like,

  • “Your kisses for me, save all your kisses for me… for this [party date]". (From the Brotherhood of Man Eurovision song ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’)

Host Country Postcards — Each year, the Song Contest is held in the city of last year’s winner (like Helsinki in 2007).

  • Create a photo collage of the country’s icons – from celebrities to food to buildings.
  • Print, cut out and assemble on white cardstock to resemble a ‘Wish you were here’-type postcard.
  • Add ‘Eurovision Party [year] ’ underneath.
Eurovision party ideas for decorations

Since your TV is the star attraction, re-arrange your seating so everyone can see. Tape silver tinsel trim around the edge of the TV screen.

Hang up a flag of the latest host country (which will be the country of the previous year’s winner). Add some silver and gold tinsel around it too.

Find some popular and traditional sayings from the language of this country. Write these onto banners and stick along your walls. Choose words like ‘Welcome’, ‘Enjoy our party’ and ‘Share love and music’.

Eurovision party ideas for activities

Guess the Winner — Everyone gets a ballot sheet. Whoever guesses the winner and Top 2 runners-up correctly wins a prize.

Get Euro Dancing — With music as your theme, get everyone dancing to former Eurovision winners. Create your playlist before the party, mixed together with music from the host country of the latest Eurovision Song Contest.

Here are a few Eurovision songs to get you started:

  • Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan (Ireland 1987)
  • Hard Rock Hallelujah – Lordi (Finland 2006)
  • Waterloo – ABBA (Sweden 1974)
  • Love Shine A Light – Katrina and the Waves (United Kingdom 1997)
  • Wild Dances – Ruslana (Ukraine 2004)
  • Ooh Aah… Just a Little Bit – Gina G (UK 1996; didn’t win but a great dance track)

Know Your Country Quiz — Educate your guests about the hosting country with a trivia quiz. Good to play during the contest’s intervals.

Eurovision Origins Quiz — Love knowledge? Test your guests’ own background knowhow of the Eurovision Song Contest with a quiz. Here are a few sample questions:

1. Which song was voted the most popular Eurovision song?

1. Boom Bang-a-Bang (Lulu)

2. Puppet on a String (Sandie Shaw)

3. Waterloo (ABBA)

4. Save Your Kisses for Me (Brotherhood of Man)

2. What is the time limit for a Eurovision song?

1. 2.5 minutes

2. 3 minutes

3. 3.5 minutes

4. 4 minutes

3. Which country holds the record for most wins?

1. France

2. Luxembourg

3. Ireland

4. Germany

4. Why was Eurovision created in the first place?

1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2

2. To celebrate new European music

3. To celebrate the founding of the European Union

4. To be a vehicle for unknown European musicians

Answers: 1. 3. Waterloo (ABBA) / 2. 2. 3 minutes / 3. 3. Ireland (won 7 times) / 4. 1. To unite countries rebuilding from World War 2.

Eurovision party ideas for food

Choose a potluck of food from all over Europe.

Or, you could cook dishes of the latest host country. You’ll need to research recipes online for this. Also find out if there are restaurants from that country in your city. If there are, check them out; find out if they do home delivery/takeaway.

Set up snack food in bowls – like popcorn, potato chips with dips, quiche slices.

Eurovision can be cheesy so – don’t forget to have actual cheese (groan!).

Create a special Eurovision fruit punch – in bright neon pink colors. Serve your punch, soda and wine in kitsch plastic glasses.

Eurovision party ideas for favors

Send your guests home with a few winning party favors, such as:

  • Pastries and candy from the hosting country
  • Flag of the country
  • CD compilation of Eurovision winners
  • Neon-colored feather boas
  • Toy whistles
  • Cheap ray bands

Image: wstryder

Read Wikipedia for more about the Eurovision Song Contest.

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