12 Fathers Day Activities for Every Cool Dad

Use these Fathers Day activities to celebrate your dad, his life and role as a father.

If you’re not familiar with the man behind your father, now’s your chance to get to know him.

Just who is this man and what does he really like about life?

These 12 activities ensure your next Fathers Day fun will be unique and memorable.

Which Fathers Day are you celebrating?

Fathers Day falls on different dates, depending on your location.

In the US, and the UK, Fathers Day is in June (third Sunday)

But in Italy, for example, it’s in March (third Sunday too).

So make sure you’re wishing Fathers Day on the right day, depending where you are. Now to your Fathers Day activities.

Homely Fathers Day activities

What are positive qualities about your dad?

Write out a list of 10 points, about the man behind the role and his impact on you.

Take 2-3 qualities and weave them into your gifts.

For example, buy him a nice shirt and sew into each cuff one of the qualities:

e.g. “Has a mad laugh" onto one cuff, “always patient" the other.

You can use all 10 qualities across a range of gifts, like a tie, woolly hat, engraving.

Make your dad the guest of honor at a dinner

You cook, everyone helps, but him. Ask people to contribute photos, memories and thoughts about your dad – and present in a scrapbook.

Ask him to talk about his proudest moments of being a father.

Add in a fun Fathers Day trivia quiz (on fictional fathers) to keep everyone entertained.

Create a slideshow of dad moments

Talking of photos, rummage through family albums and scan pictures of significant moments in your dad’s life.

Burn to a DVD, set the slideshow to his favorite songs or music. Watch together.

Relaxing Fathers Day activities

Is there a project your dad needs help with?

Like home decorating or car work?

  • Make his project your day with him
  • Transform it into an event, including lunch and beers
  • Rope in other relatives to help if need be.

Spa or sports activity

Book a massage for your dad at the local spa.

Not typically a male activity, perhaps, but you might be surprised. Add in a round of pilates or sauna.

Or do a joint sport together e.g. swimming, jogging, tennis. After the game/jog, end up at somewhere less healthy – like a bar!

A dad movie night

He chooses his favorite movies; everyone else does the food, decor and room layout.

Then everyone respects his movie choices, even if they don’t agree with them.

Go to a show together

But make sure you book this in advance in case it sells out.

Could be a car exhibition, a technology showcase, a music festival.

Center it on a topic/interest he likes. If he likes puppetry or tomato plants, make your show about those.

Active Fathers Day activities

Take him to a local game

Like a soccer or rugby match, a baseball game, a martial arts tournament

Pre-book something he would enjoy and throw in beer and dinner.

Book you and your dad on an unusual tour or activity

Think Graceland, a pimped-up car show, paintballing.

  • For paintballing, recruit a few of your dad’s friends
  • Create two teams (dad and his friends vs the family; losers buy dinner).

Resurrect old hobbies together

Is there a skill or hobby your dad hasn’t used in years?

Make his underused skill the star of the day by booking yourself onto a workshop in the skill.

Encourage your dad to talk about why he loves his skill, along the way; and share yours. Great for bonding.

The “dad teaches you something" day

This ties into the idea of one generation passing lessons onto the next.

Your dad imparts a skill he really wants you to lear, and runs a workshop which you and other family members gracefully attend.

Work something out with him first and help him sort any equipment he needs.

Example skills?

  • A cooking lesson: Preparing a fish dinner, from catch to end
  • Furniture assembly lesson
  • How he ran the family home and had a full-time job at the same time, the successes and stresses.

Think big blowout memorable activity

Forget the honoring-dad bit altogether, and instead book an activity you can both do that neither of you have ever done before.

  • For example: bungee jumping, scuba diving, dirt biking

A joint activity like this is all about bonding at its best; when everyone’s adrenalin is too busy pumping to say “am I just about to do this??"