All the Friendship Day Party Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Friendship Day party ideas - two friends raise you a glass Thanks to these Friendship Day party ideas, International Friendship Day itself

…every first Sunday of every August…

…can now be as good a holiday as Christmas and Halloween. And they give our friends now the opportunity to be in the spotlight.

It’s easy to take our friends for granted, as being an ongoing presence in our lives. We turn to them for their company, insights and fun.

Friends also come and go, thanks to the ebb and flow of life. New friends arrive, others marry, or drop out of your life then later return.

So by celebrating this day, we get the chance to say a HUGE thanks!

Although the greeting card industry and various countries in South America had a hand in its creation, Friendship Day is now celebrated worldwide.

Use this day to acknowledge your friends – near and far.

Invites for your Friendship Day party ideas

Group Collage Invites — You’ll be creating a collage of your friends out of different photos you have. Sort through your photos first – both digital and print.

Not everyone you’re inviting will be in the same picture. Ask friends to send you their photos, if you’re stuck.

  • Pick at least 10 of your best photos
  • Scan to your computer – then use photo software (e.g. iPhoto) to create a collage
  • Once done, print your collage in color, and glue to it white card
  • Ask your local print shop to make copies. Scribble your party details on the plain side.

Friendship Party details? – Include party time, date, location and contact info. Let friends know to ring with any dietary needs (e.g. daily allergy).

  • Need friends to bring stuff on the day? Mention this too
  • Items could include old photos, video footage and personal mementos.
Decorations for your Friendship Day party ideas

Hang up white and silver colored balloons.

Hang up Friendship Quotes — Print these, either separately, on a banner or as a collage. Here are a few of my favorites:

“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." – Douglas Pagels

“Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things." – Author Unknown

Large Photo Wall — First up, download photos of different friends onto a USB stick.

  • Your local photo shop will use it to print large versions of the photos
  • Once done, laminate each photo. Then hang a gallery along your walls.

The Friendship Table — Friends bringing mementos to celebrate friendship?

Set aside their own display table. Cover it with a white table cloth. Scatter with gold glitter.

Activities for your Friendship Day party ideas

Pick activities everyone can get involved in.

You want to avoid cliques forming – especially if you’ve invited different friends from different parts of your life.

Warm up with a few icebreakers to help people feel comfortable with each other. Do this as fun icebreaker questions or as games.

Games — Make sure to choose non-competitive games, to give everyone the chance to feel equal and involved. Include fun, silly or parlor games.

Scrapbooking — Decide your theme first, after everyone’s confirmed they’re coming.

Then ask them to contribute with related photos and personal items they might’ve kept, e.g. Movie stubs, receipt from a favorite dinner, music.

Themes could include:

  • the Joys of Your Friendship
  • Top 20 Friendship Moments
  • Reproducing a favorite shared memory.

Friendship Cards — Mail a card to every friend in your address book, no matter how far they live or when you last saw them. From new and old friends… to those you might’ve fallen out with (you never know).

Or send them a small gift with a personal note.

Movie Marathon with a Difference — Create a movie night, filled with videos your friends have made in the past of each other. Include:

  • Footage from parties and get togethers
  • Random shorts filmed on an iPhone/smartphone
  • Arty films made in your spare time
  • Slideshows of photos that feature your friends
  • Don’t forget the popcorn! Give prizes for Best Video or Best Moment.

Alternatively, organize a movie theme party.

Gallery of Friendship — Create a digital photo gallery of your friendships throughout time.

  • Make sure everyone knows to bring their own favorite photos
  • Set up a scanner, so print photos can be included
  • Post the gallery online or create a special CD slideshow to mail out to your friends.

Playlist of Love — Create a playlist of songs you and your friends remember from time together – like roadtrip music, camping at a music festival, the upbeat songs you play when you all feel sad.

  • Ask your friends to bring their favorite CDs. Talking music together is great fun and helps people bond.
Food for your Friendship Day party ideas

Keep your menu focused on what your friends like to eat, when thinking about Friendship Party food.

Stock your fridge with your friends’ favorite foods, so they can cook with it whilst at the party.

Alternatively, you might have a regular dish in common – from eating out together regularly or cooking together. If so, make this the party food.

If you do eat at a regular place, check if they do delivery. If not, make a big order of takeout.

What about throwing a potluck? You can ask everyone to bring a favorite dish they love to cook for friends.

If you’ve budding chefs amongst you, why not create an original meal together just for Friendship Day?

Favors for your Friendship Day party ideas

Send everyone home with good memories of the day, with a few favors like:

  • Photos taken from the day (post online or mail out afterwards)
  • An I Love My Friends t-shirt (get this pre-made, or use your own design or a group photo of your friends and ask a specialist t-shirt printer shop to make you a set)
  • A special thank you poem, with a box of chocolates per friend.