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30+ Fun Adult Party Games Your Party 
Won’t Be Fun Without

Add any of these fun adult party games to your party – and you’ll lose a weight off your mind.

No more worrying if people are mingling or enjoying themselves.

As party host, you want peace of mind that everything’s going well.

I love energetic games, so that’s the attitude of what you’ll find below. Maximum wackiness rules.

Fun adult party games: useful tips

A few require props; others need a large playing area. Every game is easy to set up.

Before playing the very active ones, do a quick health check of your players. That way, you can adjust them to suit their fitness levels.

Get into rapport with them, too – tailoring these fun party games to their personality or job.

  • Book lovers might appreciate Harry Potter quotes, for example, over Angelina Jolie ones.
  • If you know their occupation, too, you can slip in industry jokes.

Lock any overhanging doors in your playing space. Tie up cables. Hide sharp objects. If you’ve got shiny floors, add rugs to prevent slipping.

Need to warm up the crowd, help everyone loosen up?

Check out these 6 ice breaker activities.

For groups of 6-10, use these icebreaker games for small groups.

Love chocolate and party games?

For a real time-saver of a game, that combines both, play Counting Chocolates.

Here are more fun adult party games you need to be partying to right now!

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Wink Murder

Depending on the number of players (six to 15 is best), write out a piece of paper for each person.

Only one piece of paper should have ‘M’ on it (for murderer) and another for ‘D’ (detective). The remainder should all have ‘V’ (for victim).

Shuffle all the pieces in the hat, then ensuring everyone picks one piece each.

  • If you’re the detective, your job is to work out who the killer is
  • If you’re the murderer, you kill by giving a subtle but evil wink at your intended target
  • If you’re a victim, you die an over-the-top death as soon as someone winks at you.

The game ends, when the detective finds the murderer.

Then, go for a second round, with the pieces of paper returning to the hat. The winner of the entire game is the detective who spots the murderer with the fewest kills.

Blind Man Walking

Make sure your room is safe for playing. You’ll also need to place random balloons all over the place.

Blindfold your first player. Then spin them on the spot three times, before giving them a pin.

  • With that pin, they must find the balloons and burst as many as they can within two minutes
  • They’ll be disorientated from the spinning, of course. So to get to the balloons, they must follow the directions called out by other players.
Whistling Crackers

Give every person 3 soda crackers (or rice cakes or whatever fried snack you like). On ‘Go’, everyone now puts all the crackers in their mouth at once. The first person to whistle wins.

• You can make it extra goopy, by adding toppings to your crackers. Or substituting crackers for slices of chocolate cake.

Alphabet Letters

Play this either in pairs, even teams or a group of people playing to an audience.

Players must form alphabet letters or 2-3 letter words based on what a leader calls out.

Balloon Relay Race

Get players into two teams, preferably no more than six in each. Each team is given a newspaper and a balloon.

Assemble both teams into lines. The first person of each team holds out the newspaper and the balloon.

On ‘Go’, they must drive the balloon toward the next player in their lineup, by flapping the newspaper and creating a draught. They must also keep the balloon from veering off course, again with more flapping.

Once the balloon reaches the second player, that player grabs the newspaper and flaps it to the next player.

Make sure nobody touches the balloon directly – with their hand or the newspaper. If that happens, this team must start again, ouch.

The first team to get the balloon from first to last player wins.

No To No

Easy rules – just ban everyone from saying yes or no. Choose one person to start. He/she has only one minute to answer as many questions from the group as possible, without answering yes or no.

  • If they make it to the end without tripping up, they get a point
  • All questions need to be answered
  • Any hesitations, ums, or uhs, impose a 10-second penalty
  • Player with the most points wins.

Fun adult party games: page 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

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