More Funny Party Games Your Party Can’t Afford to Miss Out On

Finding funny party games, that are also clean, silly and different to the usual games, can be a tricky thing to find.

Especially when you’re wanting to create a unique party experience with your friends. Something that’s memorable, that can also carry your party for you, when sometimes your other efforts (food, atmosphere) aren’t paying off.

But thanks to these 4 pages of funny party games, you won’t now be short of ideas. None of the games need any major props or equipment. You won’t need to spend any money setting them up. They’re best played with 4 or more players, although if your party is larger, you might need these party games for large groups as well.

Need to loosen up your party people first?

Check out the icebreakers – 6 mini activities for you to try – plus icebreakers for all groups (6-10 people tops).

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Ping Pong Blow

Break into two teams, positioned on opposite sides of a table. Everyone then kneels down with arms behind their backs.

The objective? To blow the ping pong ball off our opponents’ side. Hurrah!


Funny party games are the best when there’s a bit of acting involved, like this Improv game. The only props you’ll need are small ordinary household items. Put these in a bag so no one can see.

Everyone pairs up. The first pair is given an item – and two minutes to improvise as many uses as they can out of it. Each improvisation scores one point.

When time’s up, the next pair gets their items. The team with the most points wins. Need an example? Say I was given a coin –

  • I could pretend it was a steering wheel
  • Pretend I was eating from a tiny plate

Donuts and Toothpicks

Line everyone up, so they’re of equal height. Then hand your players a toothpick, which they’re to put in their mouth.

The first player now puts a small ring donuts on their toothpick and has to pass it onto their teammates – without making it fall.

  • Use sturdy toothpicks for this; and custard donuts for more mess.

Partners in Pen

Players work in pairs, sat back to back, one player drawing, the other instructing them what to draw.

Give the people instructing a bag filled with odd objects and start the clock.

  • The instructor now takes an object from the bag and describes it. They’re not allowed to name the object or what it’s used for
  • If the partner draws it correctly, they score a point
  • The pair to finish their bag first wins.

The Frozen Chocolate Race

Love party games that remind you of being a kid? Gotcha. This timeless will have you out of adulthood in no time.

To set things up, you’ll need these:

  • 2 dice and a shaker; a hat, scarf and pair of gloves; a knife, fork and plate; a chair and table; very large bar of chocolate

Freeze your chocolate overnight, then remove 2 hours before playing (keep it unwrapped). Set the table with the cutlery and plate, leaving the clothes on the chair.

Players take it in turns to throw a double. Whoever does takes their place at the chair, puts on the clothes and tries to each the chocolate with the knife and fork.

  • They keep going, until a new double is thrown. This new person takes over the hat, etc, as well as the chocolate eating.

Keep going, until the chocolate is gone.


The aim of this funny party game’s for players to do the exact opposite of what you ask them to.

  • For example, if you say “walk", then they should stand still
  • Or, if you said “kick out with your left leg", they should kick out with their right.

Anyone doing exactly what you ask them (i.e. not the opposite action) is out of the game. Last player standing wins.

Bed Sheet Ping Pong

Split into even teams, with players holding a bed sheet at opposite ends. Place a ping pong ball in the middle, and move it about by raising or lowering the sheet.

  • The goal of the game? To get the ball to fall off the sheet on the side of your opponent.
Funny party games: click page 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

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