7 Kick-Ass Games for a Christmas Party

Thanks to these games for a Christmas party, you’ll have a handy stash of games to cheer up any lull in your Xmas do.

Also known as parlor games, these were invented by the Victorians for Christmas.

But, the fact there’s nothing innately Christmasy about these games, means you can play them at any time in the year.

None of the games need props. This means anyone can play them – all ages, all generations, whether you have money or not.

They don’t require lots of space either. And the number of players is unlimited.

You just get up and play.

So, dare you to pack away your iPad this year – and give these parlor games for a Christmas party a go!

Start enjoying these games for a Christmas party…

Charades — Out of these games for a Christmas party, this is the most well known.

Players need to guess the name of a book, movie or song that another person is acting out.

• Since Victorians favored books, restrict your Charades to book titles too

• Ah, but since it’s Christmas, why not also play ‘Christmas Carol Charades’?

• Write the names of popular Carols onto strips of paper, then jumble in a bowl

• Players can use “sounds like" and “rhymes with", if they like.

Lookabout — Show everyone a small object quickly, then ask them to leave the room.

• While gone, hide the object. Once back in the room, everyone must search the room – without talking – to find it

• When they do, they must immediately go to the center of the room, sit down and say nothing

The last person to spot the object loses.

Up Jenkins! — An after-dinner game, this is fun way to decide who gets to do the washing up! Keeping everyone seated, but split the table in two.

• The first team is given a coin, which they secretly pass between themselves without the other team noticing

• Minimizing movements is the key here

• When someone in the other team thinks they know who has the coin, they must shout “Up Jenkins!"

• The accused player must stand up and reveal whether they have it

• If they do, the guessing team wins a point

• The coin is then passed to this team for their turn. If not, the game continues as it was

• The team with the most points wins. The losing team? Washes the dishes.

Who Are You? — Gather everyone in a circle, with one person chosen as the Guesser.

• Blindfold the Guesser, placing them in the center. Spin them on the spot three times

• On ‘Go’, the Guesser walk out towards the circle, reaching to touch someone. When touched, they ask “Who are you?"

• The person caught must reply, but in a weird voice

• If the Guesser guesses who this person is, they switch places

• If the guess is wrong, the game continues until the Guesser does right.

Cake Racing — Use the most mouth-watering cake you can find – like yummy chocolate cake!

• Cut the cake into as many slices as there are players

• Each player gets a piece of cake (on a paper plate)

• But before eating, tie everyone’s hands behind their back (using a scarf or rope)

• On ‘Go’, everyone dives into their cake. The first person to eat it completely, no crumbs left, wins.

The Sculptor — Everyone needs to be standing up and standing still.

• One player is your Sculptor, who moves between players, changing their poses – by moving their arms, legs, head

• The trick is to have them pose in something they’ll have difficulty holding!

• Anyone who breaks pose, moves or laughs is out

• The Sculptor can also distract players into breaking pose, but without touching them

• The longest poser wins.

The Name Game — This game is played against the clock (30 seconds, to be exact)

• Give everyone 5 minutes to write the names of 10 famous people. The harder the names the better

• Once done, collect the papers, fold them up and jumble in a bowl

• Now all sat in a circle, the first player pulls out a name

• They now have 30 seconds to get the person on their left to guess it. But without saying the name or what letter it begins with

• No mentions of business names, movie titles or band names either

• If guessed right, the same player keeps drawing out names until their time is up

• If not guessed correctly, they forfeit the round and a new person starts

• Keep going round the group, until all the names are used up

• (Make sure any guessed names are NOT put back in the bowl.)

An example of how to play this?

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• Yep, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop.