Garden Party Ideas – 5 Top Tips to 
Make Your Garden Event Matter

Garden party ideas - spin a few cartwheels like this pair of girls Using these garden party ideas, your next backyard party or garden event will be the one everyone remembers.

These ideas make full use of your garden (or yard) – as though it were an extra room in the house.

You’ll give everyone the chance to tumble on it, cartwheel along it, snuggle on it.

Initially, you’ll invite everyone, with a packet of seeds as your invite. Add a few party words like “Come to our garden paradise on…" or “come plant these seeds together on…".

You might add a garden party theme, like Alice in Wonderland.

From there, you’ll transform your indoor room in such a way, as to blend it into the outside.

Bring your indoors out and outdoors in

Decorate quite heavily around the entrance to your garden, to give your garden party ideas the impression of plants invading.

Position indoor plants so their pots also stand outside. Display cut flowers inside.

Scent the rest of your room with rose blossom. Scatter a few rose petals and tree leaves on the floor.

  • Also hang paper lanterns and wind chimes over the doorframe
  • Use fairy lights and uplighters, placed in between your garden plants
Treat your garden like it’s another room

With the grass as your rug. Place your food tables outside.

Borrow books of famous gardens from the library and display.

Position your speakers outside, and send classical music booming from them.

Prepare food for a barbecue – in advance

This helps speed up the cooking process, if you’ve got a lot of people or just feeling stressed.

Make your own lemonade and fruit punches. Chill your beers, white wines and alcopops – and serve iced lemon tea.

Try these for your garden party menu:

  • Fish steaks, chicken, vegetable skewers
  • Salads – from spicy potato to mixed greens
  • Cheese platter; fruit platter
  • Fresh fruit tray with sugar and chocolate dips
  • Garlic bread and houmous
Mix in a few chillout garden party ideas

Keep both relaxing and energetic fun to hand, in case the party vibe goes either way. For chillout, try:

Board Games — Play not to win, but just to chill out. Add chess, backgammon, scrabble and cards.

Blind Herb Smelling — Blindfold your guests and guess the herbs they’re sniffing. Spearmint, tarragon, chervil and parsley are good examples. If your guests are up for planting the seed packets from their invites, this is the good activity for it.

A Reading Chillout Area — Leave a few magazines, old books and newspapers waiting. Cordon off this area, using rugs and a deckchair.

Don’t forget your energetic party games

Play Frisbee, Croquet, Space Hopper racing — Buy these essentials from your nearest kids or sports store. Great fun, when your party needs a jolt of energy.

Cartwheels and Handstands — These are best played before eating. Make sure someone is showing you how to do both of these, before you attempt.

  • For handstands, you’ll need a wall or a strong tree.

Juggling — Bring in a juggling teacher, to give your guests a proper juggling class.

Hold a Hula Hoop Contest — Make this a game, timing each player. The player who can hold Hula Hoop the longest, without needing to restart their spins, is awarded a prize.

Dangling Donuts – Tie the donuts to long bits of string. Hang them from a clothes line, so they hover at chin level on the average player. Now players must eat their dangling donut in the quickest time possible. No hands allowed.

Name-It — You’ll need a football for this.

  • Stand everyone in a circle
  • The first person with the ball calls out a category – like “cars" – then throws the ball to another person…
  • …who must then shout out a related item (“Ferrari”) before passing the ball on
  • Keep the game fast. If a person gets stuck, holds the ball too long or repeats an item – they’re out!

Complete your garden party ideas, with a few party favors. These might include:

A small potted plant, cut flowers or a garden gnome.

Image: joaquinuy