15 Good Bachelor Party Ideas

Finding good bachelor party ideas can be tricky to find, especially with the costs involved.

Not only do you need to give the groom the best send off he deserves – there’ll be other additional costs, like accommodation, drinking, food, activities.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Below you’ll find a list of good bachelor party ideas that will keep everyone happy. Your wallet will also be grateful.

The bride-to-be will also be happy, as none of these ideas include strippers.

Key tips to consider when planning your bachelor party ideas

Who can organize a bachelor party, and who can attend?

Technically, planning rests on the shoulders of the best man. Otherwise, the groom’s brother or another good friend are backup options.

Who can attend depends on the groom.

This might include all the guys in the wedding party, or just male close friends and family – or just his friends.

Unless the groom has a best girl mate (that’s not his bride-to-be), stick to men.

When to throw your bachelor party

Preferably one to two weeks before the wedding.

That way, the party becomes separate and standalone; a special event just for the lads.

You’ll be saving the groom from any embarrassment he might face at the wedding if the party was the night before, e.g. turning up hung over, or with bruises from a more active party (like paintballing).

You also give guests the chance to schedule any time off they need to attend.

How long should these bachelor party ideas last

Yeah, okay, I say “weekend”, but length is up to you. You might opt for one night, a whole weekend, two to three days.

Two factors can help you decide:

  • How much available time off your groom’s friends have scheduled.
  • Ideally, you want everyone to attend the whole party, not have to leave partway through because of other commitments.
  • Budget. If you’re hiring accommodation or needing to travel someplace, the longer you’re away, the more costly it may be.
How to budget the costs


Once the accommodation and activities have been finalized, split the costs equally between everyone going, except for the groom.

The groom goes free.

Absolutely important organizing tip

Apart from having a say on who can come, keep the groom’s involvement in your plans to a bare minimum. He’ll be involved with the wedding; the party’s meant to be a fun break.

Your list of good bachelor party ideas

1. Go camping out of town with the lads. This idea can include beers and skinny dipping under the stars.

  • Consider renting a boat and camping out on a deserted island.
  • Make sure you have enough beer and food for the night(s) as well as a stove.

2. Take a road trip (or fly) to somewhere quirky or even downright crass – for example, Disneyland, a haunted house tour. Time your party with a major music festival, like Glastonbury.

3. Go white water rafting. Find out which rafting organizations specialize in pre-planned guided trips. Make sure everyone in your group can swim.

4. Go paintballing. Unleash all wedding stress with this idea. Without the groom knowing, play so that his team wins.

  • If your overall group lacks the numbers for two teams, play as one, with other paintballers as “your enemy".

5. Go all out with a massive activity blowout. Think “last chance super-memorable opportunity".

  • AKA skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping.
  • Camp out in a canyon. Go caving or rock climbing.
  • The cost may be high, but the memories will be worth the price.

6. Take in a local or national game – for example, a soccer or rugby match, a martial arts tournament, baseball, basketball. Sometimes, all you need is cheap tickets, good beer and cheering to make for a cool night.

7. Transform your backyard into the ultimate man-party.

  • Create an outdoor cinema, by hanging up an old sheet and hiring a movie projector.
  • Hire a rock band. Create a BBQ, with waiting staff.
  • Add a fancy dress theme “everyone come as the ultimate man".

8. Is your groom a secret nerd? Then create a nerd party especially for him.

That might include a movie marathon of superhero movies, going to an arcade for a round of games. Ask everyone to dress in comic character outfits.

9. Add speed to your party, by going go kart racing. Or watch the races (cars, horses or speedboats).

10. Create a casino night at home or do the rounds of the casinos in town. Set a cash limit for how much guests can spend.

Hire a limo to shuttle people around. Include an expensive dinner and a top-notch bar/club. You’re creating luxury stag weekend ideas here.

11. Why not rent out a house for the weekend, and then fill it with your groom’s favorite activities? This can be anything –

  • From gaming stations, to creating a mini home theater, to an obstacle course outside.
  • Depending on where the house is, you can also go on walks (to the beach, to the woods, or into the nearest town).

12. For the more serene of grooms, consider more relaxing stag weekend ideas. Book at a massage at a day spa. Attend a yoga class. This might weird out some of your guests, but it will be fun anyways.

13. Upgrade the limo from Idea No. 10, to a chauffeur-driven 4×4. Adding physical activities to this party, e.g. obstacle course, dirt biking, horse riding.

14. Throw your party at a comedy club, also inviting your groom to take the mic. Or coincide your party with a music gig – whether it’s music your groom likes or not (e.g. attending a Justin Bieber concert).

15. Enjoy any combination of the above, but with everyone dressed in drag in order to attend. Rent a house to serve as the base for your outfits/make up. Hire in a make-up artist and an outfit helper.

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