13 More Good Party Games that Are Silly

Finding good party games for any occasion is always hard.

Making sure your games appeal to your party people, are easy to play, accessible, don’t exclude anyone, aren’t too competitive – can often spoil the fun. There’s just too much to think about, and saps all the love with it.

But that’s why you need to play silly games. Because unlike regular games, their intent is all about mayhem. Silly games cut across all age groups, ability, the works.

These 13 silly games were submitted by Partycurrent readers (I’ve credited folks who included their names; thanks to everyone who contributed).

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Honey, I Love You!

In a group of people, one person goes around trying to make people smile.

The trying-to-make-people-smile person goes up to another player and asks, “Honey I Love You, Can You Give Me A Smile?”.

The person whom is question is being asked too has to reply back saying, ” Honey I Love But I cant Give You a smile” without smiling. If they smile then they have to be the one asking the question.

Egg Wibble Wobble

by Sophia Deel (VA)

You have a big spoon with a hard boiled egg on it. Then you mount a horse and at a quick pace you try to keep the egg on your spoon. The first two eggs to fall are out. Then you get a smaller spoon and pick up the trot. And then the next two eggs will fall. If you still have people, go to the smallest spoon and pick up the canter.

The last egg to fall wins the Egg Wibble Wobble!

  • For those who might not have a horse – you can also play this by using rollerskates or by riding a bike
  • You can also play this just by walking. Simply create a small obstacle course they must walk down. Include small humps to make it difficult
  • Or you could blindfold the players and have them walk down a short path.
How Small Can You Write Your Name

By Lucy (New York, US)

Love quiet but good party games? Try this one. You need a pen and paper. Each person has a go at writing their name – or a sentence – as small as they can.

In the first round, whoever does the smallest, everyone tries to write even smaller than that in the second round. But they must make sure that what they write everyone else can read.

Whoever does it best in this round is the winner!

  • This is a good game, especially if your family name is not an English-sounding one or if it has lots of letters.
  • You can also make this game harder, by asking people to use different types of pens. For example, like a marker pen round, a fountain pen round. Or different thickness of pencils.
Musical Chairs

by Kaylen (Mooresville, Indiana, USA)

Make sure you have enough chairs for everyone but one person. When the music player stops the music, everyone has to rush and sit on a chair. Whoever doesn’t get to a chair quick enough is out because all the chairs are filled up (1 person per chair).

Now take away one chair and start the music again. When there is only 1 chair left, whoever sits in that chair first when the DJ stops the music wins.

High Heels Race

By Sarah (New York, US)

Break up the group into 2 people per team Make sure everyone is either wearing socks or is bare foot. Every team gets one pair of high heels.

The person on the left wears one of the heels on their left foot, and the person on the right wears the right heel. Have each pair link arms and race to the finish! You can ask all of the teams to go against each other or have them go by pairs. A judge has the say of who wins in each race. Winners get a special prize!

  • To stir things up, make the game harder by asking male players to race in the heels. That’ll be worth it, just for the sight of men trying to squeeze their feet into women’s shoes!
Pin the Kiss on Your Favorite Actor

By Ryan M (New York, US)

Looking for saucy but good party games? Pin the Kiss… has it all.

This is great at parties where you’re drunk or have lots of horny guys. Hang a poster up of your favorite hot actor/actress (mine’s Halle Berry). Hang it up high enough that people have to stand on their toes to reach the actor’s lips.

First player is blindfolded, also give them a coat of lipstick on their lips. Spin them 3 times on the spot, then put them in front of the poster. They’ve got to now kiss the actor’s lips.

When done, write their name under their kiss. Closest kiss wins.

Spin the Bottle Dodge or Dare

by Racheal Omotayo (Crayford, Kent, UK)

We spin the bottle and there are a certain amount of dodge and dare cards. You spin the bottle and if you get chosen then you pick a dare card; if you do not want to to do the dare then you pick a dodge card.

Once you pick a dodge card you may not go back to the dare card. If you really do not want to do the dodge or the dare, then you can forfeit – but then you will not be able to participate in the game.

The winner is the person with the most dare points. You get these dare points by completing dares – but you lose points by picking dodges.

Wipe Out Challenge

by Tina (Australia)

This good party game’s best if you have either a lot of water balloons, water guns and hoses!

What you must do is set up outside a lot of obstacles on the track where you are playing e.g. Trampoline, scooters, hula hoops and balls, or even some times you might want to use your pool!

You normally have two people going at once and you can time each one or there will be a winner of each round and then there is the finals!

This game is always better with a lot of room to play outside.

Post It Note Challenge

Everyone splits into teams of 3 (it works best this way but you can choose to have as many as you like in a team).

Each team must choose one person to have the post-it notes stuck on them (give each team a pad of notes. You can buy them in them in the pound store).

On go, the people who don’t have post-it notes stuck on them must frantically try to stick as many post-it’s on the chosen team mate as possible.

The first team to stick all the post-it notes on their player wins.

Alternatively you can have a time limit to make the game quicker. Hope you enjoy playing this!

Stomp the Balloon

by Darron (Rugby, Warwickshire, UK)

If you have a large room, make sure to have more players, otherwise 5 players in each team is okay. Boys versus Girls is a good way to play.

You’ll need a ball of wool and a few balloons already blown up. Tie a string of wool around each balloon, with one end tied round the ankle of the player. On GO, everyone tries to stomp their opponents’ balloon, to make them burst once.

  • If you tie your right ankle, try not to use your right foot, you’ll probably burst your own balloon. Happy stomping!
Poison Frog

by Courtney (California)

Players sit in a circle with eyes closed. One person (not playing game) chooses 1 Frog and 1 detective. No one should know the Frog except the frog himself. Everyone should know the detective.

Then players open their eyes and look around the circle. The detective stands in the middle of the circle trying to figure out who the frog is. The frog “kills” victims by sticking his/her tongue out quickly or winking at any person (besides the detective).

  • When a victim is “killed” or “poisoned” they must fall backwards (out of the circle). They must only fall 5 seconds after the Frog has “killed or poisoned” them.
Dicey Choc

by Karen (South Africa)

Sit in a circle with a dice to pass around, and a huge slab of chocolate in the middle with a knife and fork and a pair of socks.

The first person to throw a 6 on the dice gets sit in the middle. They put the socks on their hands and eat the chocolate with a knife and fork until the next person throws a 6. The game continues until the chocolate is finished.

Potato Race

by Ryan M (New York, US)

This good party game’s for outdoors. People get into twos, then blindfold half of the pair. Scatter some potatoes on the ground and give the blindfold halves 3 minutes to grab as many as they can. Their partner has to shout out directions to them.

They’ve got to carry as many potatoes in their arms then drop them in a bucket before getting more!

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