10 Creative Ideas for a Wine Tasting Party

Looking for ideas for a wine tasting party?

Below you’ll find 10 creative ideas, to suit a blind tasting – which is where tasters won’t know which wine is in which bottle.

When you throw a blind tasting, you’ll be teaching your tasters to spot the subtleties in taste, palate and aroma of your wines. A blind tasting is also a lot of fun.

Before you go ahead with any wine tasting plans, be sure to read these 10 steps on how to plan a wine tasting.

  • A tasting involves the careful selection of wines, made more difficult when you’re trying to budget for them too.
  • Some of the wines won’t be cheap, or may need buying directly from the vineyard itself.

However, once planned, you’ll be guaranteed an unforgettable time with friends.

Wine-themed ideas for a wine tasting party

This isn’t like a party theme. Here, the wine itself is used as a launchpad for your party.

When approaching these ideas for a wine tasting party, make them as specific as possible – “Red wines from Australia" is too broad.

But at the same time, avoid going too narrow, e.g. “wines from Croatia". This option may cause a headache, when it comes to finding the wines.

  • Not feeling too knowledgeable about wine? Make sure to seek out a reliable wine merchant for tips.

1. A vertical theme, as it’s known, showcases the same brand of wine but across different vintages – e.g. Cabernet Sauvigons from 1995 to 2000.

2. Alternatively, use a horizontal theme – which means tasting wines from various wineries, only with the same heritage.

3. A third way is to taste the same wine yet made in different parts of the country, e.g. Chardonnays made in California with those made in Burgundy, France.

4. Or play labels against each other – e.g. Glass Mountain Merlot versus Markham Merlot.

5. Or colors off each other – e.g. Sangiovese, Zinfandel and Malbec are all types of reds, which again vary in themselves according to their wineries.

Theme the party itself

Party themes are a lot of fun – yet make sure not to go too overboard with your ideas.

The actual wine tasting is itself the central activity of your party – so any theming should be subtle.

6. Go for a saloon bar effect, by adding cowboy party touches to your tasting.

7. If the weather’s okay, and you have a garden, plan your tasting as a garden party. A wine tasting is a nice way to start the Spring.

8. You near the beach? Combine your tasting with these beach activities.

9. Ask everyone to dress up in formal attire (dresses, suits, ties) – either contemporary style or from another decade (50s, 60s, 70s).

Use the holidays as ideas for a wine tasting party

10. You can throw a wine tasting at any time of the year. But consider timing your tasting with a specific holiday.

  • Think: a fun work party to kick off the Summer. Or a fun Christmas get-together with friends, with wine as gifts.
  • Alternatively, you can celebrate the ‘back to nature’ approach of a Winter Solstice party with a tasting. Make sure to pick local or regional wineries for this.

Image: philip.bitnar