8 Messy Party Games for Adults

Messy party games - pie racing gameMessy party games are a great addition to any adult party.

Unless billed upfront, using messy games are likely to be unexpected.

No way will things become boring after you announce what you’re playing.

Anticipate guests’ mess concerns with these 4 tips:

1, Provide overalls or aprons to protect guests’ clothing.

  • Alternatively, provide a trunk of spare clothes for guests to use
  • Provide spare outfits they can borrow, if their real clothes get mess.

2, Offer everyone a free hot shower and a hot drink, if needed.

3, Offer to front the dry cleaning bill of anyone, if the mess really gets bad.

4, Choose to create constructive messy fun.

  • For example playing in mud in order to make mud castles
  • Then add a fun prize to it.

With the above tips organized, here are 8 messy party games you can try.

Pie Racing

Before playing, buy several creamy pies (like in the photo) – or whatever cake you prefer.

Place the pies on a long table, with everyone lined up behind their cake.

  • Now tie your players’ arms behind their backs
  • Players now eat their pie – using only their mouths
  • The first player to eat it up completely, no crumbs left, wins.
Balloon Shaving

Give everyone a balloon and marker pen.

They now have two minutes to draw a face on their balloon, and then apply shaving cream over it.

Then give everyone a plastic knife for their razor.

  • On ‘Go’, players now shave their balloon – only without popping it
  • The first person to do that is the winner
  • Add more mess by filling balloons with whipped cream.
Bobbing for Grapes

First, make sure you’ve got plenty of table space between players.

Each person gets a bowl filled with cream, with 5 grapes buried inside.

On ‘Go’, players must find and eat their grapes as fast as they can. But with their hands TIED behind their back.

Mud Money Hunting

Out of these messy party games, players will need to wear shorts and t-shirts. Don’t forget that hot shower offer.

First up, fill a large padding pool with soil. Then add buckets of water to make it muddy.

  • Once done, tie your players’ hands behind their back
  • Have them face away from the pool while you bury 20 coins
  • On ‘Go’, players race against the clock to find as many coins as they can
  • The player with the most wins.
Ice Cream Feast

You’ll need two players, two blindfolds, two bowls of ice cream with spoons and an audience to watch.

  • Blind your two players and sit them facing each other
  • Give each a spoon and place their bowl of ice cream in front of them
  • On ‘Go’, players now try to feed each other
  • The player who feeds their opponent with less mess is the winner.
Lost Your Marbles

Players will need to roll up their trousers for this one.

Empty a bag of 20-30 marbles into a large plastic pub, before filling with mud.

  • Using toes only, players take it in turns to pick out the marbles.

Set the clock for one minute. The player who finds the most in that time wins.

The Shaving Game

Another shaving game, this time using real people and shaving foam.

Divide into pairs, with one half sitting down and the other blindfolded. Apply shaving foam to the seated person’s face.

The blindfolded player now tries to shave their partner with a plastic knife. Whoever does the best job wins.

  • Add more mess, in another round, with melted chocolate instead of foam
  • Give the seated person a waterproof bib to protect their clothes.
Water Balloons

Fill up 10 balloons and see if your players can catch them – without breaking them.

To fit the messy party games angle, fill the balloons with shaving cream or colored water (using food dyes).

Image: usaghumphreys

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