Mother’s Day Activities: 7 chillout ways to celebrate busy, independent moms

The goal of these Mother’s Day activities is for you to give your mom a break from her life.

We often forget just how much our moms do.

Even now we’ve moved away from home, they’re still in our lives, keeping watch on how we’re doing.

We also forget how moms are independent women in their own right – with their own hobbies and ambitions.

So what better opportunity than to use these Mother Day celebration ideas to help your mom with her goals!

Maybe she’s already too busy doing them – or maybe she can’t get started. Let’s really make M-Day the day to give her what she wants (as well as making her smile).

Which Mother’s Day are we talking about?

The date varies between country.

  • In the US, for example, Mother’s Day is held in May.
  • But in the UK, it’s in March.
  • In Norway, Mother’s Day is celebrated in February.
  • But in Thailand, it’s in August.

So make sure you’re in the right Mother’s Day, so your mom knows to expect a call from you!

Switch onto these Mother Day celebration ideas

If you’re making reservations for weekends away or day trips, book well in advance. This is so you avoid Mother’s Day activities being sold out.

Think You Know Your Mom…?

Moms love to talk, don’t they? So why not play a mom trivia quiz, to test your knowledge of her life, including life pre-mom. Her questions might be like:

  • “What does she like to cook for herself?"
  • “What did she wear at her first prom?"
  • “What was her least favorite subject at school?"

Each of your mom’s answers will probably contain a lot of (unheard of) stories, right?

If you’re still in question-asking mode, why not interview your mom and let her reminisce.

This is a great activity to record for you, her and other family to watch over again.

Where Does She Want To Go?

Why not ask your mom to choose a weekend getaway she’d like.

A massage, hiking, tickets to a musical, museum hopping… are all ways of creating a relaxing day. Make sure to book in advance anything that needs it.

Pay It Forward For Mom

Is there something big your mom’s been unable to do in her own life – for years? That could change things for her if it was sorted out?

You fixing it for her is the goal of this activity. For example:

  • She wants to work part-time, at the old people’s home – yet she doesn’t haven’t the courage to enquire. Arrange a meeting and tour with the home’s manager. Help her with her resume.
  • Or, your mom wants to learn the web – but English isn’t her first language. If you haven’t the time to teach her, gift her classes that are suitable. Join her on the first few, to show support.

These Mother’s Day activities will extend above and beyond Mother’s Day itself. Show your mom how much you care about her life and her success with this idea.

Mom Miss Her Family?

Or her hometown?

If so, spend this Mother Day celebration taking her to visit either (or both, if they’re in the same place). Show your mom you care about her family by bring her to those she loves.

Oh, but what if her family lives out of town? Consider buying her a ticket so she can fly out.

If visiting isn’t a practical option, why not arrange a video call using your computer?

A Day of Mini Trips

If traveling out of town is not possible, then creating a Mother’s Day made up of mini trips in her local area is a fun alternative.

Find out first what your mom likes to do, or is wishing for, or wishes she has done. Maybe there are lingering life dreams she’s eager to get to.

  • Arrange this by first asking her about them – in general conversation. But don’t let on why you’re asking.
  • Then plan your day with three to four of these Mother’s Day activities together.

You might even inspire your mom to sign up to these activities for real.

Mother’s Movie Night

Quality family time is important for most moms and finding that time can be tricky, if kids are still around or their own lives are busy.

So center your Mother’s Day activities on a special movie fest in her honor.

Let your mom choose her movies, whilst you provide the dinner, the snacks and the setting. Rope in other family to join you.

Work on a Project Together

Give your mom a hand with a few household projects. In fact, why not round up the family to help her out?

Odd jobs could include house repair, painting and carpentry.

Clearing the house of old junk might be another task your mom hasn’t gotten around to doing. You could mow the lawn or sort her paperwork.

Plan a Mother’s Day brunch, too, around the odd jobs, ending the day with a big celebration.

Mother’s Day activities like this can be no-cost, fun and productive.