All the Movie Theme Party Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Movie theme party ideas - crowd watching a film Add these movie theme party ideas to your entertaining – and you’ve got a homemade movie theater idea on your hands.

With Netflix, Lovefilm, instant movie releases a few short months after showing in theaters, having movies at our fingertips is a joy.

And watching them with your mates is even better!

With these movie theme party ideas, we’ll help you transform a night in front of the box into your very own fancy movie theater event. In only 7 simple steps.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – movie theme party ideas for your attendee list

Decide on how many people. The more people you invite, the more seating and larger viewing room you will need.

How many people also affects other factors – food, snacks, how many movies to show.

And how you choose the movies. Will you already decide what to show in advance? Or will it be a group vote? More than 10 people can make group voting harder, so watch out.

Step 2 – movie theme party ideas for your theme

Movie theme relates to the genre of movie you’re showing. You can use these as a cue for how you decorate.
Take a glance at these examples:

  • Movie theme party based on cities, e.g. London (Sliding Doors), Paris (Amelie)
  • Old black & whites, e.g. Buster Keaton
  • An animated movies night – and from different countries, too
  • Movies about overcoming the odds, e.g. Patch Adams, Field of Dreams
  • Romance movies
  • A kung-fu night
  • All the Star Trek movies. A Star Trek versus Star Wars night?
  • Movies by a specific director or actor
  • Movies based on books, plays or comics

How many movies you watch will depend on how many hours your party will run for. So choose wisely.

If you’ve got favorites you’re dying for everyone to see, make these the first 2-3 movies you watch (in case you run out of time).

Step 3 – movie theme party ideas for invitations

Once you’ve decided your movies and guest list, start inviting your friends. A way to invite people is by creating your own movie ticket.

Admit One Invitations — Do a web search for an ‘Admit One’ image. Once found, print and glue to white card, writing your party details on the flipside.

  • Then ask your local color copier shop to create copies of this double-sized invite. Ask guests to bring their invites on the night, to be “let in”.
Step 4 – movie theme party ideas for decorations

Decorating your movie party has endless potential.

You can create a movie theater and ask guests treat it as a night out at a real one.

(Or you can theme it, based on your movie theme – e.g. a Harry Potter night).

Treat your guests to a movie theater vibe, complete with box office and candy counter.

Comfortable watching — With your TV the star of the night, make sure people can see it, by arranging your seats in a horseshoe.

  • Unless your TV screen is gigantic, you may need to project your movie on a larger screen. Hanging up a white tablecloth is the cheap way to do this; using a plain white wall is another option.

Box office — Make this a separate room (like in the kitchen), where guests “purchase" their movie tickets, by exchanging their original ‘Admit One’ invite.

  • Hang a banner that says ‘box office’, made from construction paper and marker pen.

Cardboard usher — Hire a lifesized cardboard cutout of an usher to greet guests as they arrive. Add one or two cutouts of movie stars behind curtains or outside your toilet, for fun.

Create a candy counter — Set up a table for drinks, candy jars and savory snacks. Use small brown paper bags for guests to carry their snacks. Include a napkin in each bag.

Keep your movie room dark — Turn off all the room lights – but leave a string of fairy lights around the room exit.

Hang up posters of your favorite movies or stars along your walls.

Step 5 – movie theme party ideas for games

During intervals between movies, give everyone the opportunity to stretch their legs (and refill their drinks and food) with a few games.

Who Am I — Write out the names of movie stars and tape one onto the back of each guest. Guests now wander around the room, working out who they are by asking only Yes/no questions, like “Am I alive? Am I a singer?”

Movie Trivia Quiz — Make a quiz related to the type of movie you’ve chosen. If your movie was ‘Back to the Future’, the trivia could be: time travel movies, Michael J Fox movies or films from the 1980s.

Step 6 – movie theme party ideas for food

Here are a few food suggestions for a movie theme party:

  • Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips
  • Chicken wings, meatballs, quiche
  • Celery and carrot sticks also good for dips
  • Potato and vegetable salads
  • Microwaved popcorn, both sweet and salted
  • Homemade pizzas

For drinks, think soda and Slush Puppies. Serve these in clean plastic drinking bottles (with lids), to stop anything from spilling in the dark.

Step 7 – movie theme party ideas for favors
  • A gift voucher to purchase a DVD or discount to see a movie
  • Fresh popcorn (mix up salt with cheese with sweet, or in separate boxes)
  • A drawstring bag of candy and jelly beans
  • A CD compilation of movie theme songs – like the ‘Jaws’ opening music or “My Heart Will Go On” from the 1997 movie ‘Titanic’.
  • 3-D glasses

Image: Canadian Film Centre