How to Create Office Party Ideas 
Everyone Will Look Forward to

Office party ideas - 3 people toasting Are you in need of new office party ideas, to replace the usual stuff your work offers?

Hungry for fun social events to do with your teammates?

Thanks to the way parties are usually run, many people tend to dread the office party.

Even though we spend a lot of time at work – that it feels like a second home, sometimes! – the thought of socializing beyond work gossip can send us the shivers.

With these office party ideas, you’ll be able to create an event everyone will want to be at.

3 reasons why office parties usually suck

Most times, we attend only as work people. That means talking about work stuff – which can be boring.

There’s also an assumption we know each other, just because they sit in the same office.

Finally, the sense of obligation – of needing to throw a party to bond people – reeks in traditional parties.

  • If you’re organizing a party because you have to – it’s better not to
  • Otherwise it sucks all the joy out of the room.

If you’ve not got people toasting each other at your do – at least once – that’s a warning sign of how rigid your party might be.

3 things you can do to brighten yours

Fortunately, with a slight adjustment, you can create events that are memorable and fun for everyone involved.

By doing this, you give your team the chance to unwind – to forget they’re at work (for a while), to bond as people.

And with so much choice when it comes to work events, there’s no time to waste.

Use any of the office party ideas below for your next do.

1, Add in a few fun office games

You got an upcoming party, but no time to plan it, theme it, do anything wild? Have no fear – party games to the rescue.

  • Got a new teammate to break in? Having a slow week? People up for a bit of fun? Then try these little fun activities.
2, Tweak up your office party ideas

Got an office Christmas party coming up?

Most people dread the annual party. Watching your managers do embarrassing things is cringeworthy stuff.

But a Christmas party can be SO much more than that

The venue, time of day, who you invite, size of team can offer you lots of creative possibilities

Read this to plan your next Christmas party.

Here are 6 hot Christmas office party games too.

Know someone’s about to be promoted? Or is about to retire?

And is it a secret that even they don’t know about it?

Then consider throwing them a surprise party. You can host this at work or a venue near to work.

  • Take your teammate on a pretend staff lunch and <bam> it’s actually a surprise party. Organize a meeting outside of the office and <bam> it’s a surprise party

Snowed in by deadlines? Long hours in the office?

Then why not treat everyone to a movie marathon. All you need is a projector, a screen and a laptop.

  • Make an event out of it, by supplying snacks, food and beer. Email your team with a list of movies, and ask them to vote for their top two

Someone leaving the company?

Leaving parties can be bittersweet affairs. You’re excited to hear they’re moving on, doing something new.

But at the same time, you’re sad to see them go.

  • Organizing a leaving do at work can also be tricky. It won’t be much of a secret – which can spoil things
3, Theme up your office party ideas

Want to have a few FUN office drinks?

I hear ya. Shaking everyone out of the work mode is so important here.

Time to stop talking shop, and start talking about our lives.

  • A Hawaiian luau is a lovely way of doing this. Get everyone in flip flops and a lei, throw in a few cocktails, even teach everyone the Hula Dance.
  • Or take everyone away from the office (without leaving it) – by taking them to Italy, with this fun Italian theme.

Got a Dress Down Friday?

Unless you work some place where casual clothing is allowed, most companies offer a Dress Down Friday or Where What You Like Day.

  • To jazz this up, ask everyone to dress in their Saturday look. That means their weekend clothes, especially the slopping kind
  • Keep the weekend feel going, with takeouts and pizza for team lunch and newspapers lying all over the place
  • Or, instead of casual clothes, ask people to wear clothes according to a black and white color scheme
  • Decorate your office in their colors too – from stripey coffee mugs, to polka dot tablecloths. Add a stripey rug to the floor.

Throwing a team lunch? Welcoming a new teammate?

  • Why not organize a Team Potluck. Ask everyone to bring their favorite dish to cook.
  • Or host an ethnic potluck, with food from everyone’s cultures. If they’re from the same culture, as them to bring in regional dishes.

One last thing…

Take plenty of photos at these events.

Bonding at work can increase morale – and get use through those stressful times or are a bit grumpy.

Those photos will also remind everyone of the “family" you all are – and the good times you can have together.

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