7 Party Entertainment Ideas: How to Pick Them the Quick and Easy Way

Are you stuck for party entertainment ideas?

Planning a party and needing inspiration?

Got something in mind… just can’t put your finger on it?

Before you start any kind of planning, make sure you have the following three points figured out:

1 The type of guests who have confirmed or who you plan to invite

2 The type of experience you’d like those people to have

3 What you can realistically afford cost-wise

Party entertainment ideas succeed with honesty

These three points are essential party-planning juice.

The first two help form the personality of your party.

Whereas using a budget keeps your party entertainment ideas realistic.

• It helps you be honest, i.e. can you afford to hire in entertainment?

• It reminds you to not pick your ideas because someone else’s party has had it (they might have a different budget to yours too)

• Which helps your party stay original to you

If your budget won’t stretch, you can always consider going low-cost. Low-cost doesn’t mean cheap or scrappy.

In fact, low-cost options often bring out more creative ideas. Handmade activities can also fun to consider.

Remember to keep your guests in mind

Don’t go expensive to make your party look good. If no one’s going to be interested, it’s a waste of money.

And your party will be memorable… just in the wrong way!

Here are 7 party entertainment ideas to get you unstuck:

Games, games, games

Whether fun or silly, party games are the heart of any party. They also stop it from going stale. As party entertainment ideas go, games are the least expensive.

  • Choose a mixture of solo and team ones – and keep them nearby during your party
  • For physical games, take into account guests who aren’t so mobile
  • Adjust to include them, but don’t force anyone to play
Teach something unusual

Use your party entertainment ideas as an opportunity to educate your guests.

We’re not talking heavy education here. No homework for anyone.

  • Why not try an activity like line dancing… or learning Tai Chi… or gonzo dinner making.
  • Or get everyone in a fun conversation starter game, to learn more about each other.

Most people won’t be expecting this kind of activity at a party. So if you go down this route, you’ll be keeping your party memorable in their minds, long after it’s over.

Mini talent show

This is where guests provide the entertaining.

Once you’ve got a confirmed list of guests, ask round for any willing entertainers.

If there’s some reluctance at first, throw in an incentive – like a bottle of wine – to entice people to take part. You may only need 3-5 people (depends on your party size).

Then create a performance program, that you’ll hand out as people arrive at your party. Talents could be anything – like:

  • Singing with a guitar
  • Double dutch skipping
  • Their own performance poetry
  • Teaching friends how to body pop
  • Telling a scary story
Group singalong

The perfect songs include well-known rock/pop songs, drinking songs, Christmas carols, campfire songs, chants.

A guitar or piano player isn’t always necessary – but they’ll help encourage people to sing. Even a harmonica will do!

If you’re choosing obscure songs, provide lyric sheets

You’ll never know when’s best to start a singalong, so just play it by ear. You may also want to take your singalong into the streets. This is indeed the most soulful of party entertainment ideas!

Scavenger hunts

Plan these a day or two before your party, including prizes.

If it’s an indoors hunt, be creative with which items to include.

An outdoors hunt won’t require too much planning, as it’ll rely on players’ imaginations. Make sure to set a distance limit though.

  • A successful hunt also needs: copies of the scavenger lists, pen, paper, stopwatch to time the game
  • Players will need a digital camera (let people know in advance to bring).
Trivia games

Adding a gameshow changes up the energy of your party. Quizzes can be played in pairs or small teams, with a ring-a-bell or buzzer aspect. Play for prizes.

Get dancing

A party without music is a party everyone leaves quickly from. Don’t be that party.

If you can afford it, hire a DJ. Make sure you brief them in the style of music you want for the night.

For a more personal touch, creating your own playlists can be more fun – for you – and more rewarding for your listeners/dancers. You can still have someone DJ for you, but this time to your own eccentric music taste.

  • The only downside to creating your own music is you’ll need to schedule time to do it
  • You also have to make sure you don’t get carried away when making them; choosing tracks can be an involving process

It’s important to create an interesting playlist, one that’s unpredictable. Not only will this keep guests dancing, you’ll want to intrigue them too.

So mix popular songs with obscure ones, musical scores, songs in different languages.

You know you’ve mixed a great setlist, when you’re asked “What’s this song? I’ve never heard anything like it" or “Where can I find that song?"

Make copies of your playlist for friends who ask for it.

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