More Quirky Party Games for Adults

Hungry for more party games for adults?

Check out these eccentric gems, all chosen to crank out excitement from your guests.

You will need a few props to play – and in a couple of cases, a large playing space.

Also change up these party games, for adults partying from different lifestyles. For example, hipsters partying with IT people.

Try slipping in jokes and references related to their jobs or habits.

Guests will appreciate you thinking of them.

Need to warm up the crowd first?

Check out these 6 ice breaker activities.

For groups of 6-10, use these icebreaker games for small groups.

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You’ll need Post-It notes, Sellotape and a pen to play.

A different ingredient for the burger is written on each note and then taped to the back of each player.

They now rearrange themselves, in the correct order a burger is made.

  • You can add a competitive element to the game, by having two teams do this as a race
The Continuing Novel

Players sit in a circle. The first person is then given 30 seconds to write a story six lines long.

When time’s up, the story is folded so the last line shows.

  • The story is passed to the next person to continue. The last player reads out the whole thing out
  • Add a fun theme, too. E.g. Got kicked out of a bar for having no pants on.
Leaking Bucket Relay

Love messy party games for adults? Here’s one.

Create a race course outside – with two empty plastic barrels at one end, and two barrels filled up with water at the other.

Break into two equal teams. Each team gets a bucket – with holes cut into the bottom (use a penknife).

  • Line the teams up with the water-filled barrels
  • On ‘Go’, the first players fill their bucket with water (by scooping it)
  • Putting the leaking bucket on their head, they now run to their empty barrel – and fill it with the water
  • Once the bucket’s empty, they run back to their team and pass it to their teammate

The first group to fill their tub to the top is the winner.

Two Truths and a Lie

Each person shares two true personal facts – and one that isn’t (the lie). The lie they share must be as good as the facts.

Now everyone tries to figure out which one’s the lie. Once found, guests can share more about it.

Group Silent Charades

Break into two teams of even players. Everyone in Group 1 thinks up a charade each, writing two copies of it.

Shuffle the papers, then distribute – so everyone in both groups gets a slip.

  • On ‘Go’, players simultaneously act out their charades – IN SILENCE… while also looking for another player doing the same charade
  • When spotted, they make a silent gesture, indicating the players are the same. Both must sit down at once. The last pair to sit is out
  • With everyone sat down, pairs now share their charades. If pairs are the wrong match, those players are out

The remaining pairs split into two new teams, for a new round featuring new charades.

The last pair standing in the final round wins.

Blowing the Ball

Set out a finish line and give each player a ping pong ball. On ‘Go’, players get on all fours and blow their ball towards the finish. First one who does is the winner.

  • If you’re playing off more than 6 people at one time, make sure your race course is wide enough
  • To make it extra hard, try blowing the ball up a slope.
Clump Freeze

Three to six people form a physical “clump" or shapeless shape. Touching is okay, being physically close too, but no leaning or trying a clever pose.

  • The group then moves as one, pulling faces to the crowd as they go
  • Then you, as host, shouts “Freeze!" The group must freeze in place. Anyone who doesn’t straight away is out of the game
  • Then shout “Unfreeze!" for the clump to move again.

Vary the “Freeze/Unfreeze". Last person standing – who does freeze right away – wins.

Party games for adults: click page 1 > 2 > 3 > 4

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