Top 10 Awesome Road Trip Games

Thanks to these road trip games, long car rides are now transformed into a memorable and fun experience.

They’re also perfect for days out to the beach and camping trips.

They can also make commuting and traffic jams more bearable.

And unlike gadgets, road trip games keep everyone occupied at the same time. They’ll get everyone talking and buzzing, which helps make the car journey go faster.

Say goodbye to road trip boredom today.

Road trip games - view through a windscreen

Musical road trip games

Alphabet Singing

Love to sing with road trip games? This one’s full of song titles from A-Z.

  • Decide who’s going first. This player sings the chorus of a song whose title begins with A, e.g. “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.
  • Make sure that the song title also features in the chorus.
  • The next person then starts a song, whose title begins with B. And so on.
  • Players only have 5 seconds to find their song. Any longer? They’re out! Prizes for the winner.
Passenger DJ

Before your trip, put together a music playlist of random, but well-know songs. Have someone “DJ" (since you’re driving, right?)

  • Play a few seconds of a song.
  • Then pause it, so everybody sings the next part as best they can.
  • The person who does it best – with all the correct words and keeping the melody – gets a point.
  • Bonus points, for naming the singer and year of release.

Road trip games for word lovers

A To Zee

Everyone splits into two teams. The first team picks a really tough category for the other team, who then have to list items in it – from A to Z.

  • So, if it were Sigourney Weaver movies? Alien, Be Kind Rewind, Copycat…
  • Each round ends, when the team can’t think up an item for their next letter. Each item named gets a point.
  • Lock away your phones before playing, by the way. No looking on Google for answers!
The Next Letter

Pick a subject, like odd English boys’ names.

  • The first player has 5 seconds to find a name starting with A, with the next going with B, etc. So Armitage, Bartholomew, Cuthbert…
  • Ah, taking longer than 5 seconds? You’re out. Last player wins.
All In a Name

The aim is to come up with famous people’s names (living or dead), that use the first letter of the surname of the previous name.

So Diana Ross? The next name starts with R, like Robert Pattinson. Yep, players only have 5 seconds to choose.

Road trip games with number plates

Number Plate Game

Pick out a random car’s number plate.

The aim is to make a word with these letters, only keeping them in order. Players again only have 5 seconds to make their word.


  • For a plate ending in JNY? “January" or “Johnboy".
  • Add points to the game – each letter of the word getting a point each.
  • Make sure someone is keeping score.


Alphabet Car Plates

Like the Number Plate Game – only now, you’ll create the funniest phrase possible, using the last three letters of the plate.

  • So – CWP? A phrase could be Cats Whistle Poorly.

Creative road trip games

Pub Cricket

Pubs are a common sight in Britain. The closest equivalent elsewhere could be a café, bar or hamburger joint. Pick one of those if you don’t have pubs.

Players each take it in turns to play.

  • Each time you pass a pub, a point is awarded for every leg on the pub (or bar) sign (or in its name).
  • The White Horse, for example, gets you four points. The Swan? Two.
  • A player’s round ends when you pass a sign without legs, like The Anchor.

Again, you need a scorekeeper. The first person to reach 50 legs wins.

Guess Who I Am

Before playing, pick a specific (but silly) theme that players then work from – e.g, farm animals. Narrowing the theme helps guessing go faster.

  • The first player thinks of an item related to the theme.
  • Everyone must guess what it is, using questions such as (in relation to farm animals) “Do you have two legs?"
  • Answers can only be yes or no. Each round is 5 minutes long.

The Brain Game

Pick an object outside the car. Now each player comes up with as many uses for it as possible.

  • A giant oak tree? A giant broom, a giant paint scraper. A comb.
  • Scale your objects down to everyday items, if your scenery becomes boring.
  • When they run out of ideas, a new object is picked for the next player.

Image: Emlyn Stokes

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