Silly Party Games: 27 Ways to 
Turn Your Party on Its Head

Silly party games - 3 guys sack racing When you choose silly party games, you’re throwing out the rules when it comes to adult fun.

The best party games are the ones that bring out the kid in us. Which is just as well, as you’ll be asking your friends to do odd things.

Silly party games playing tips

  • Make sure you have plenty of outdoor space.
  • Check your playing space is safe. Lock overhanging doors and loose cables, remove furniture and other obstacles.
  • The objective of any game is to have a laugh. Make sure people know that. There’s no competitiveness to be had here.

Here are the first 11 silly games.

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Find the Bubble Gum

Give each guest a bowl with a piece of unwrapped bubble gum on it. Cover the gum in whipped cream.

Players must feel around in the cream for their piece of gum. Except they can’t use their hands.

First player to find their gum, chew it and blow a bubble wins.

Counting Chocolates

Love chocolate and party games? Wanna experience them both combined? Check out this very amazing game here.

Forehead Pass the Orange

You’ll need two oranges and an obstacle-free space to play. Everyone splits into two even teams, each needing pairs of similar height.

  • The first pair of each team stands at the start line. Place an orange between each pair, gripped by their foreheads
  • On ‘Go!’, both pairs run to the opposite wall, touch it, then return to the start
  • The orange is then passed (by hand) to their next team pair to take their turn
  • As both pairs are running at the same time, check your room is wide enough
  • Players won’t be able to see where they’re going, so this stops them colliding
  • If the orange is dropped, the pair must start again. The winning team is the one where all pairs have completed the course.
Bobbing for Apples

This silly party game originated in the Middle Ages. To play, fill a tub to the brim with water, then fill with floating apples.

A player must pick out as many apples as they can with their teeth, with their hands tied behind their back.

Make the game more challenging by using whipped cream or custard instead of water.

Pass the Parcel Fancy Dress

Stuff a sports bag with as many silly clothing items as you can find (or buy from thrift stores). These might include an old dress, wigs, long johns, weird hats.

  • Start the music and when it stops, the person holding the bag puts on a random item
  • Then start the music again and pass the bag round
  • Once all the items are used up, ask everyone to vote which person has the Best Look of the game
  • Guests can rearrange how they wear their items, if they like, before voting.
Dangling Donuts

Love messy but silly party games? With Dangling Donuts, you’ll need plenty of donuts – plain, jellied and custard – and a ball of string, to play.

Attach the long bits of string to each donut. Hang the donuts from a clothes line, so they reach chin level.

Now players must eat the dangling donut in the quickest time possible.

Court Jester

Sit everyone in a circle and pass around a Court Jester hat, as you play music.

When the music stops, the person with the hat must put it on, and perform something silly: a song, a joke, do a dance.

Belly Balloon Break

This game is played against the clock. Everyone is divided into pairs and must blow up at least 10 balloons per pair.

  • Set the clock, with each couple trying to pop as many balloons as they can within their time
  • Balloons can only be popped by squeezing it together between the players’ chests. Other parts of the body (hands, feet) are not allowed
  • The couple who pops the most balloons wins.
Potato, Spoon and Hump Race

To me, this game captures the “silly” in silly party games.

You’ll need a raw small potato (in its skin), a spoon per player and plenty of room.

Set up your humps along the course, e.g. rope to limbo under or skip over, a sequence of chairs to run around, a rolled up rug to hop over.

  • Line each player at the start with a potato balanced on their spoon
  • On ‘Go!’, players race towards the finish, jumping the humps as they go
  • If their potato falls off, they must return to the start line and begin again
  • The winner is the first one at the finish.

You can also play a relay version, with players in two even teams.

Players who finish will need to run back to the start to hand the potato to the next teammate.

Flour Tower

Pack a large dessert bowl in with flour, then turn it upside down on a plate, removing the bowl. Pop a jellybean on top of the mound.

Players now take it in turns to cut a slice of the flour, making sure not to move the jellybean. Whoever causes the mound collapse must pick up the jellybean with their mouth – from the flour.

Gargle a Song

Fill a glass, then sing a song. Everyone else must work out what it is.

Make the game harder, by having two people gargle the song (one person does the verses, the other the chorus).

Sack Race Relay

Okay, the ultimate of silly party games: Get ready for sack racing.

You’ll need two old potato or coffee sacks to play, although two adult-sized sleeping bags will do.

Outdoor space is also needed, like a long garden or an alleyway (as in the photo above).

Again, everyone gets into two equal teams.

String up a finish line using rope. Get the first player of each team into their sack

  • On ‘Go!’, each player must bounce their way down the race course to the finish
  • The player then removes the sack, run back to the start and hand it to the second player, who puts it on and takes their turn
  • The winner is the first team where every player has bounced.

Make the most of this silly party game’s race course, add obstacles for players to bounce around, like a chair or hatstand. You can also tie little bells to the sack, so players chime as they play.

Or swap the sacks – for buckets! Have players wear one on each foot.

Use obstacles for players to jump over or limbo under.

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