Valentine Party Ideas -
 how to plan in 5 easy steps

Valentine party ideas - an envelope filled with hearts These Valentine party ideas will help you survive the commercial tackiness that comes with February 14th.

To defeat it means choosing to celebrate your relationship. That’s all you need to make the day work.

Forget what other people say. You don’t need expensive flowers or expensive anything. You don’t need to do Valentine’s Day like everyone else.

With these 5 steps, you can celebrate the day, without following the crowd.

Step 1, Valentine party ideas for invites

Add a handmade touch to your invites, with these suggestions.

Hearts Bursting Invites — You’ll need sheets of pink colored paperstock, also red. Make sure the paper is thick, but not like card, as you’ll need to staple through.

  • Take the pink paper first, draw and then cut out a heart-shaped outline
  • Do the same with the red, only the heart shape needs to be larger than the pink
  • Then staple the pink inside the red, so it bursts out when the red heart is opened
  • Write your party name inside the pink heart, with the details on the red.

Kissing Photos Invites

  • Look for photos of couples kissing on the web and download your faves
  • Then glue each one onto separate white cardstock
  • This gives you a selection of invitations, so each guest gets something special, depending on their type of couple.

Valentine Party Details — Include party time, date, location and contact info. Make sure everyone knows to ring with any dietary needs.

Step 2, Valentine party ideas for decorations

Color Palate — Create a balance of red and pink.

  • Too much red and it’s like being inside a throbbing heart; too much pink can be too girly for some guys. Decorate using cushions, throw rugs and floor rugs.

Candles — This is the easiest way of creating a romantic vibe.

  • Group tall candles, with a ring of red ribbon or tinsel around the base
  • Float tea light candles in a large glass bowl
  • Be careful your candles don’t set off any smoke alarms and are kept away from flammable objects.


  • In addition to the candles, swap out regular lightbulbs here and there, for red and pink. Tie red ribbon around your regular light fittings.


  • Tie several balloons together, bobbing them at different heights. Dangle red and pink streamers from door frames and the ceiling.

The Love Table

  • Ask everyone to bring their Valentine’s cards and photos of the person they love, to put on display
  • Cover the tabletop in pink and snake tinsel between your photos
  • Create a spotlight using a desk lamp.
Step 3, Valentine party ideas for activities

Love Dancefloor — Get your lovebirds smooching and grooving with these loved-up dance tunes:

  • On in A Million – Aaliyah
  • I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You – Elvis Presley
  • Can’t Smile Without You – Barry Manilow
  • Wild Thing – The Troggs
  • Three Times A Lady – The Commodores
  • Hero – Enrique Iglesias

Guess Whose Date — Everyone’s got a bad dating story, right? Let this game be the one to dish to dirt.

  • To play, each person writes out two dating stories – bad, embarrassing or weird – onto two pieces of paper
  • Jumble the group’s papers, then everyone gets two
  • Each player now takes it in turn to read out theirs, leaving the rest to guess the owners. The more juicy the stories, the better. Like:
  • Someone mistook me for their ex during our date / He turned up in clothes he’d worn three days in a row / Our table collapsed during our dinner date

Do You Know Your Love Songs — Use this love songs trivia quiz to test your knowledge.

Love Doubles — This is a couples version of the Who Am I game.

  • Each person gets a Post-it note stuck to their back, that is one half of a celebrity couple, e.g. Beyonce and Jay-Z
  • Couples must now reunite with the other half, asking only ‘Yes/no’ questions about who they are
  • If celebrities ain’t your thing, use love-related pairings or word couples, for example Romeo & Juliet, Tom & Jerry, cheese and crackers.

Lovers Limbo — How low can your couples go? Find out, with this classic.

For the limbo bar, use:

  • A string of twinkling lights
  • Rope with chocolate heart-shaped candy dangling from it (for players to try and eat on the way under)
  • A long pink feather boa ruffled by two people on either side.
Step 4, Valentine party ideas for food

Create a menu that combines hearty, spicy dishes and aphrodisiac foods, to get the love rumbling among your guests. Spicy dishes could include:

  • Spicy chicken wings, a spicy curry or stew
  • Homemade steak and kidney pie
  • Fresh strawberries, with chocolate sauce for dipping
  • Garlic bread and mini pizzas topped with chillies
  • Black forest gateau covered in lots of chocolate
  • Turkish delight and candies covering tabletops
  • Aphrodisiac foods include bananas, avocados, asparagus, and figs.

Red wine makes for a better romantic drink than beer. Serve up liquors, as well as a homemade red fruit punch you could called ‘Love Potion’.

If you’re up for a drunk romantic time, check out this site for cocktail recipes.

Step 5, Valentine party ideas for favors

Round off your Valentine party ideas with some fun little gifts for people to take home:

  • Heart-shaped key rings
  • A red rose
  • A red-pink drawstring bag of liquor candies
  • A box of Turkish Delight
  • Saucy playing cards