Valentine’s Day Creative Ideas – 
10 alternative ways to celebrate

Thanks to these Valentine’s Day creative ideas, February 14th can be more than just heart-shaped cards and chocolates.

If you’re tired of the usual stuff, looking for something original or hate following the crowd – you’re in the right place.

These ideas can also be celebrated with friends, not just with partners.

To make sure the day goes well, do plan ahead.

  • Whether it’s for decorations or bookings, make sure everything has been finalized, before February 14th itself.

That way, you can fully enjoy these Valentine’s Day creative ideas without stressing out.

Your 10 Valentine’s Day alternatives

Be a Kissagram to a Friend

Need Valentine’s Day creative ideas to honor friends?

How about surprising a best (or absent) friend, by turning up at their work with a gift.

  • Dress up in a fun way, e.g. A flower delivery boy, a Tinkerbell fairy, a movie theater usher (bit like a kissagram)
  • Time your arrival to fit your friend’s work hours
  • Leave them with flowers, chocolates, or other thought-out gift.
Movie Theme Love

Create a night of self-empowerment movies with friends.

We’re talking self-respect love here.

The people in these movies will be overcoming adversity to win in their life. Whether Erin Brockovitch, Patch Adams or 127 Hours, you’ll have everyone cheering by the end.

  • If romance movies are more your thing, then choose movies that contain romance, but aren’t actually romantic movies – like Return of the Jedi, The Fountain or The Source Code.
Community Love

Do something for an elderly neighbour or local community group, by dropping in with gifts and help.

  • Gifts can be as easy as sharing chocolates, offering to do a chore, like DIY, watching a movie together, or preparing a meal.
Popstar for a Day

Recreate a pop video of a love song with your friends, which you can film for a DVD. Go for the cheesiest and funniest love song you can find.

Test what you know about love songs, with this Valentine trivia quiz.

All Things Love Party

Celebrate all things loving, from personal and dog love to friends and loving your job.

Send out heart-shaped invitations, posing the question: ‘What person/object/thing do you love the most?’

  • Ask guests to send you (in secret) a picture of one thing they love in their life, e.g. A pet, favorite place, an activity they enjoy
  • Laminate and display on the wall as a ‘Guess who loves what’ gallery
  • Decorate in dark red, hot pink and orange, keeping things intimate
  • Spritz the room with fruity perfume. Throw a colorful potluck
  • Ask guests to share their life loves in a group share activity.
Never been Cupid?

Book an archery class (in advance) and experience what it’s like to be Cupid.

  • Or, book a class in flower arranging, to learn the art of creating bouquets.
Kind of Love Letters

Get together with friends and have a love-letter writing session, only write about a distant friend, not a lover.

Write down all the things and qualities you love about them, and mail the letter.

Dress Formal But…

Invite couples to dress up in evening gear, as if they intend to go out expensive. But stay indoors instead.

  • Order in a special dinner rather than making it
  • Decorate the party with candles and soft music, with couples sat opposite each other
  • Hire a guitar player to serenade guests and a waiter to serve food
  • Put on a CD of love songs to dance to.
Perform Your Love

For Valentine’s Day, creative ideas needn’t be too lavish. Using this cosy idea, friends are invited to dress up and perform art related to love.

Any budding (or secret) poets, singers, guitar players or performers amongst them? Now’s the chance to share.

Divide your room into food and performing areas, with cushions for seating. Serve simple finger food.

Award heart-shaped prizes, like chocolates, for each performer.

Love Scavenge

Transform your home into a love den, for an indoors treasure hunt.

Divide into pairs and give guests your list of objects to find. Play against a timer, awarding the pair with the most items a prize.

Treasures to find can include:

  • A balloon that says “I Love You"
  • Three different love songs, both recorded and written
  • Heart-shaped cookies
  • A heart-shaped cake tin containing a heart-shaped button
  • A Queen of hearts playing card
  • A box of chocolate candy hearts
  • A heart outline drawn in chalk
  • A single red rose
  • A romantic novel.

For Valentine’s Day, creative ideas like these can go a long way.

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